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CakePHP is a framework of PHP that provides a free, Open Source and swift development platform. The structure of CakePHP provides a flexible and potent podium for programmers to create high-functioning web applications. CakePHP makes the web development interesting by its active functionalities. You don’t need to start it from Zero whenever you pioneer a new project. Instead, you can catch a copy of CakePHP and get started with factorizing your own application. Besides this, the CakePHP application lessens the chances of meeting bugs as its run-wheel is well tested and being constantly improved.


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  • Zero Configuration: In CakePHP you do not need to specify or configure any sort of connection between the different resources manually. Therefore the developers need not manage anything physically except for the Database connection settings. The URL as well as the location of each and every library is automatically detected in the CakePHP framework.

  • MVC (Model View Controller) Approach: MVC is targeted towards achieving modern programming needs. MVC helps in connecting and saving the queries to the database. That is, ‘Model’ supports data handling, with model class you can insert, delete, read or update data directly from the database in a more effective manner. ‘View’ supports data rendering on the screen. Whereas ‘Controller’ not only processes and responds to the events, but also can modify data before it interacts with the database. Therefore by following this process you can separate the logic from the presentations which has proved really useful for dynamic applications and sites.

  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM): ORM is used for converting/connecting data between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages. When put in simple words, it means, that tables are represented in the form of a class. These classes can further define relations between other tables and validations. Callbacks in specific to the tables can be predefined. Once the relation definitions are properly defined, you can have sub records from the related tables without actually writing the whole program again.

  • Properly structured class Inheritance: CakePHP’s inheritance is very logical and coherent. CakePHP has two main projects in two main folders core lib ‘cake’ and Application specific ‘app’. These two folders will help you to watch and work separately. All the application specific controllers- AppControler class is usually empty, but can be filled up with some predefined core functions according to your requirements and the other one is- AppModel which helps you to predefine, for instance, developers can delete some specific tasks instead of deleting the whole record. With these two folders you can modify almost anything you wish to.

  • Easily extend with Plug-ins: CakePHP allows the developers to make use of reusable codes to create parts making it very helpful in the usage of one or more projects. Other than extending CakePHP’s core libraries, special functionalities can be placed in components, behaviors, helpers combining models, views and controllers which are enclosed in the form of Plug-ins. By doing this developers can modularize the projects according to the business requirements.

  • CRUD scaffolding: CRUD spelled Create, Read, Update and Delete. These are considered to be the most important activities in many of the web applications. CRUD helps you to have a preliminary view of the application. This is extremely helpful as it provides you with a platform to produce, modify and update your proceedings anytime, further providing you with complete control over the production dynamics and the overall output of the project saving developers a lot of time.


The features that reside under CakePHP and convince you going for it are as below:

  • Active, friendly community
  • Flexible licensing
  • Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
  • Integrated CRUD for database interaction
  • Application scaffolding
  • Code generation
  • MVC architecture
  • Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes
  • Built-in validation
  • Fast and flexible templating (PHP syntax, with helpers)
  • View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and more
  • Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components
  • Flexible ACL
  • Data Sanitization
  • Localization
  • Kernel Components: CakePHP consists of anomalous built-in components that unleash your web application with excellent performance.
  • Access Control Lists providing straightforward interface for database
  • Cookie element similar to the Session Component providing a cover for PHP’s native cookie support
  • Strategized request handlers to synchronize the requests and responses
  • Security component enabling you set robust safeguards and manage HTTP authentication
  • Session component providing a storage independent wrapper to PHP’s sessions
  • Green Apex builds top-notch applications under CakePHP hood for its clients.
Never miss a chance to make use of the best combination of technology and framework in the form of CakePHP. Let’s discuss your compelling idea and Green Apex will help you to build the most capable product using CakePHP's open features and services.


Green Apex CakePHP application development services facilitates with tailor-made, industry-standard and with the most efficient web app solutions. Our well skilled developers highly expertize in CakePHP, HTML5, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript. Our development team have substantial technological efficiency to make best use of CakePHP’s open features and customize them as per the clients requirements. Green Apex developers have sound knowledge on the latest market trends which keeps them updated and develop unique and latest CakePHP Development solutions as per your business needs. Green Apex makes optimum use of industry standard plugins and libraries to make your applications extensible and scalable.


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