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Career & Culture


We here at Green Apex are very passionate and energetic bunch of people, who are willing to work with full dedication without leaving any stone unturned. The progress margin of Green Apex also considers an individual level advancement. We also keep in mind to inflict more values in our team with the inclusion of competent and proficient talents. The kernel skills we look for are, passion for earning achievements and the zeal for learning advanced technologies. Taking these pointers into account, we have adopted an efficient and strategized way of selection process to reach the ideal resource.


People at Green Apex are high on spirits and always full of life. You might find them stuck with computers one day and another day you would find them celebrating for no reason. The ambiance of Green Apex is full of energy and passion. We do not oversee our employees, we inspire them, motivate them and make them feel their worth. The factors that enhance our culture are.


Flexibility runs the things smoothly and greatly. Our employees are not time bound, they are work bound. Green Apex provides with a flexible roof under which all the employees feel free to think, work, talk, express and achieve.

Motivation & Inspiration

To keep the Green Apex people up to minute and unleashed, we conduct effective trainings and seminars on monthly basis.


We celebrate our employment. We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, festivals and at last, we celebrate our success. Time at Green Apex runs under the hours of games, parties, get to gathers, family dinners, dabba lunch and many more interesting activities.

Awards & Rewards

A person must be honoured for what he is. We kick out our peoples’ passion and esteem their outputs with number of awards and rewards. The culture and work environment of Green Apex makes one stay bound with the company for long and cherish the lasting impressions forever.

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