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CodeIgniter Developement

CodeIgniter is an influential framework of PHP by using which the developers can build well-featured web applications. The standards and characteristics of CodeIgniter framework make it simple to develop productive web applications for programmers. Green Apex people fly around the commanding technologies and so include CodeIgniter to create market-wrapping applications.
The reasons that justify the use of CodeIgniter are as below:

  • Backend of MVC Architecture
  • The MVC architecture supports the logic of code separation that brings the clarity of code. This architecture is greatly supported by CodeIgniter. MVC helps in designing and managing large and dynamic applications as it offers very clear code separation.

  • Comprehensive and Extendable
  • The easy to execute and simple to implement functionalities of CodeIgniter framework makes it a favourable framework for programmers. Moreover, it is easy to introduce changes in CodeIgnitor changes, like writing new libraries, changing its nature of the framework with very little effort.

  • All-inclusiveness
  • The framework supports all the required and more than required controls that enable you render the sophisticated outlook on the application surface.

  • Flexible Security Tools
  • CodeIgniter allows you to implement as much security tools as you want because of its user based settings features. Since it comes with a built-in security tools, the user gets to decide the level of security that they need. It supports a wide range of options from switching off runtime directives, enabling system initialization to handling session data using a database and cookie encryption.

  • Simple Database Abstraction
  • With CodeIgniter, you can easily create insert, update and delete statements without writing raw SQL queries. Such features make database interaction manageable and effective for programmers.


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Green Apex development team has excellent skill sets to best utilize CodeIgniter’s well-established features and libraries to present you with unpanelled development services with well-curated solutions. Schedule your appointment now.


Green Apex team develops superlative and absolute applications using CodeIgniter framework and using its pair less standards. Our development team has unmatched potential and know the best ways to utilize the power of CodeIgniter’s features and libraries to provide the clients with a finely crafted solution. Our team has hands of experience on working on PHP and MySQL providing you with complete CodeIgniter web development solutions.


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