Confidentiality - Greenapex


Maintaining the confidentiality is one of the highly required standards of Green Apex. To stay released from any privacy issue, we sign a strict non-disclosure agreement with our clients and employees. Green Apex knows the value of its clients data and information. We carry out your know-how with utmost care and keep your data secured with us. We target for a never ending relationship with our clients and that is why we understand the importance of every single aspect. The security spots we posses are listed here:

Workstation Security

We keep our workstations and data servers running under hardware and software firewalls that remains automatically updated.

Non Disclosure Agreement

For a firm project surrounding and to follow friendly terms, we sign an NDA with our clients that determine the essential objects of the project.

Regular Data Backup

For data certainty, we use robust data centers and make sure of taking a regular data backup.

Employee Agreement

We sign a NDA with our employees in order to stay accurate in terms of data violation, information misusage and maintenance of company standards.

Workplace Security

Our office premises are safe guarded with fire alarms, 24 X 7 CCTV cameras, and secure access points with electronic card and biometric security systems.

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Following the confidentiality lines help us remain punctilious and precise with our employees and clients