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Database Solutions

Databases carry and protect the significant assets of the organization. Even small negligence would create vacuum in the life cycle of development in the project and might leave the customers disappointed. Therefore to keep up in the competitive world, having a robust and potent Database is the very first need. To work efficiently with relational databases, the developers need to have support and deep knowledge of highly integrated database tools. Green Apex owns a development centre that comprises of anomalous database technologies to produce you with never failing solutions.


My SQL is an in-memory and disk-based storage tool that accurately copies data to all data and nodes the cluster. This strategy never lets the system to slow down and enhances the response time to the maximum level. The elementary query interface of MySQL enables the data administrator in data maintenance making the activities easily accessible. MySQL tackles major issues of partitioning, fail-over ad data recovery automatically. This keeps the administrator less worried from evaluating the database roots again and again. The synchronization under data retrieval, insertion, updating and deletion goes amazingly well when your database engine is MySQL. The following feature set highlights the major favoring points of MySQL.

  • A broad subset of ANSI SQL 99, as well as extensions.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Stored procedures, using a procedural language that closely adheres to SQL/PSM.
  • Triggers.
  • Cursors.
  • Updatable views.
  • Online DDL when using the InnoDB Storage Engine.
  • Information schema.
Green Apex highly emphasizes on the efficiency of the database systems and which is why MySQL is the key component of Green Apex technology cluster. Green Apex helps you navigate to hover over core features of the database and build a robust data management system.
MongoDB is a high-end database tool in today’s moderated application surrounding. MangoDB database system features include reliability, scalability, effortlessness, creativity and swiftness. These are greatly portrayed by MongoDB cloud. With MongoDB, you can build applications that were never possible with traditional relational databases. The attributes that maximize the standards of MongoDB are,

  • Fundamental Data Management Factors
  • Fast availability
  • Scalability
  • Mass Accumulation.
  • Load Management.
  • Native Replication.
  • Data Integrity.
  • User Management.
  • Systematic Data Recovery.
  • Zero Chances of Down Time.
  • Well-organized Monitoring Techniques.
  • Custom Alerts Configuration.
  • Task Automation.
  • Replica Sets and Clusters.
  • Replica Sets and Clusters.
Green Apex developers intelligently understand the dominance of MongoDB and help its clients establish a resilient database management system.
Apache CouchDB is one of the modern aspects of database management systems. CounchDB elements create the most painless concepts for the database administrators to design a high-pick and modularized database interface. The attribute array of CouchDB tempts the application builders to adopt it for structuring a full-bodied back end to the applications. The features that vastly make CouchDB sound great are:

  • It has no read locks.
  • Javascript can directly access the database.
  • GUI of CouchDB is browser based. This allows you to play with your data.
  • It is the most simple to replicate.
  • Authentication and Session Support.
  • High-Security Levels.
  • Easy Data Mapping.
  • Enhanced Data Representation.
Green Apex covers all dominant technologies under its shelter, CouchDB being a major part of it. We render the best database systems for our clients making them stay relaxed and away from doubt of database flaws.
A well-grounded organization needs to have a colossal database system to flawlessly manage data flow. Cassandra is highly recommended to process and maintain big amount of data. It can be effortlessly integrated with existing corporate software. Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed by Apache to operate massive data storage.

  • Cassandra is an Open-source technology that creates a collaborated community opening the space for people to share their views and suggestions related to big data management.
  • Cassandra is based on a peer-to-peer architecture, and not on master-slave architecture. That leaves no space for any failure.
  • The Data replication quality makes it available and error tolerant database tool.
  • Cassandra performs, reads and writes very well. It possesses the right solutions for data transfer and sees that data is transferred faster than all the other database tools in the market.
  • Cassandra is written with Java’s Managed Beans to expose Java Monitoring Extensions (JMX). That enhances the performance and efficiency of database management.
Green Apex adopts Cassandra as its major database management system and tailors all its productivity to maintain a large amount of application data.
In the changing era of data management, Oracle proves to be the most popular database tool with its enormous features and advantages. Its user-friendly functionalities make it coherent for database administrators to upgrade new features maintaining the usability of old features.

  • It organizes a massive amount of data in the most effective manner.
  • Oracle is flexible in terms of adaptability as it allows businesses to upgrade their systems without a complete overhaul of their database system.
  • Being a high-level technology, Oracle has gained a vast number of audiences, including all the major business sectors.
  • Oracle’s Flashback technology allows for efficient recovery of data incorrectly deleted or lost.
  • Oracle covers all the four required properties for an ideal database technology: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability.
For obtaining a high business impact, modernized applications and simplified optimization, Oracle is the primary choice of database managers. We back our applications with the integrated platform of Oracle to develop large applications.
Hadoop is an open source platform that provides with a brand new range of prospects to store and maintain big data. Oracle’s framework is based on Java. Which is to apply distributed processing and storage module on computer clusters.

  • Hadoop can store and distribute large datasets among N number of servers thus, it is a highly scalable storage platform.
  • Hadoop provides with completely cost effective storage solutions.
  • Hadoop is a flexible database solution as it allows businesses to easily access any data sources.
  • Hadoop is well-known for having an excellent fault tolerance power. Hadoop key strategy being, when data is sent to an individual node, the same data is replicated even to other nodes in the cluster. This means that in the event of failure, there is another copy available for use.
Green Apex deploys many key database solutions with core support of Hadoop emphasizing its upgraded advancements.
Data is the key asset for an organization at any given point and you need an expert to architect and make it secure. Connect with us for upgraded database technologies and right fit solutions.