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Engagement Models


Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the most basic outsourcing model. This approach will depend on the client’s requirement of resources, i.e. companies can hire resources from the efficient outsourcing companies. These resources work hand in hand with the in-house staff of the client until their objectives are achieved. Both ways the company staff and the outsourced staff work together as a team. This is a typical cost cutting model, which is widely utilized by the companies. This engagement model may require high client interference as per the requirement of the project, i.e. the project management and technical leadership will be totally under clients control whereas development and testing will be provided by the outsourcing vendor. Green Apex provides you with highly skilled resources, who have an expertized skill sets. Our team has excellent knowledge about the know-hows, can work on various platforms and are ready to work on various locations both on-shore and off-shore.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model is best applicable to the projects where requirements are not prone to change during the development process. There is a time bound relationship between the company and the clients. A time bound contract will help in reducing cost and also making the most of the company in terms of expertise technical resources. This engagement model will help the clients to meet the milestones of the project with high product quality. Not only the quality of the product is high, but also the testing requirements of the project are met. Green Apex provides you with the expert resources and an assurance to provide you with the best quality of services delivered right on time.

BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

In the Build-Out-Transfer model a very exquisite project is built right from the scratch. It is a great fit to many organisations who want to expand their business and build their offshore development center. Green Apex first takes the requirements from the client, chalk's out ideas as to how to work it out and present the framework to the client. Once approved by the client, the development company will set up the whole development center right from setting up infrastructure, hiring of resources to developing the project. Once the requirement is fulfilled the newly set up development center is transferred to the client as a whole. BOT is widely preferred by many successful companies as it the results are faster, execution cost is less and has a low risk factor. Green Apex handpicks the professionals, who have a hand of expertise across various industries and gets the resources on board to provide the client with an exceptional output.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy engagement process stresses on giving advice to organisations as to how to go about with the project to achieve their aspirations. Green Apex provides you with an expert panel of advisers to improve the client’s project's productivity, efficiency and success rate. Green Apex is here to help you with catering proper decision making capabilities on how to move about with the project, by giving it the right direction. To provide you with the appropriate guidance we have hired the perfect combination of experts who can impart you with proper judgement on people, process and technology.

Time and Material

Time and Material model is best suited when the client wants to start the development of the project right away, even though he is not clear with his requirements. Time and Material is best applicable when the client wants to make additional modifications even after the development of the project has started. In the time and material model we cannot make a correct estimation of the duration of the project. Green Apex has the best development team who are flexible and can alter your project according to your requirements. The total project cost using Time and Material is calculated by the following formula.
Total project cost ($) = Allocated Resource * Rate (hourly/monthly/weekly)