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To the excessive need of effort less communication among people, the technologists camp up with a cogent solution as Mobile phones. But, need has never become a full stop; the wish list went queued following the desire of comfort, contentment and high standards.


iOS Application Development
iOS m-Commerce Solutions
iOS Games and Widget Development
iOS Web Service Integration
iOS Social Networking
iOS Mobile Website Development
Integration of
ORcode and the instrument’s local database
Integration of social
media applications
Implementation on Business and sales Application
Navigation and
forecasting Apps
iOS music and
video applications
iOS travel,
lifestyle and sports


  • Hospitality App
  • Retail App
  • Business & m-commerce (magento)
  • Publishing App
  • Education App
  • Media intensive applications
  • Social networking service App
  • Media integration: Music, Pictures, Videos
  • Location Based Apps : GPS and Maps integration apps
  • Branding
  • Large data management, streaming and indexing
  • Augmented Reality Applications
  • GPS Tracking Applications
  • Social Networking Android Applications
  • Multimedia Android Apps Development
  • Sports Android App
  • Entertainment Android Applications
  • Security


Sophistication along with finesse is an added advantage of iPhone development. Many consumers, enterprises and business firms opt for iPhone applications as it satisfies their requirements to the fullest. Moreover iOS has a right combination of hardware and software which provides design advantages exclusive from other existing technological approaches mainly used for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Let’s have a look why you have to opt for iPhone development.

  • Alluring Application Quality
  • iOS platform provides you with unmatched quality as it is equipped with developed tools that encourage UI refinement. The applications built using iOS platform perform exceptionally be it media or in games when compared to android platform. iPhone development allows users to use split view to experience more than one screen view, helping the developers to create a very dynamic application.

  • Ease of Compatibility
  • Android is supported by generous amount of devices in market, whereas the varieties of devices when it comes to iOS are very limited, this makes iPhone application development always flexible with each other. This will help the developers to keep their main focus on development instead of compatibility of applications running on numerous devices. iOS provides with many superior functionalities, greater processor speed and greater storage. These features will enable the iPhone users to use the small but feature rich applications that are developed using Human Interface Guidelines used for iOS development.

  • Highly Secured
  • Security should be the main criteria, which has to be taken into consideration when developing an application.

  • Low Fragmentation = Easy Testing
  • In Android, there are various devices that use different versions of Androids, therefore this increases the development and testing time of the applications. iOS, when compared to Android, has the only handful of devices to test your applications. Less variety of devices enables the developers to create and test the app at a very early stage. This makes sure that when the iPhone application is released, it runs smoothly on every iOS device, adding extra benefits to your business.

Technology Based Service For iOS Solutions

Reach us out, for sophisticated and technically sound iOS development solutions. Green Apex will develop the most alluring, easy compatible and highly scalable solutions for your requirement.


Knowing the degree of rivalry in technology era, we cascade all our mastery to amplify and magnify the company productivity. Our objective is being a one stop solution provider that can be reached to obtain any and all services. Our iOS developers are programming peeps that intelligently uncoils the expectation of customers and connect their abilities to develop outstanding solutions.

The life cycle of an iPhone/iPad/iPod application that origins from design and goes under the phases of development and testing, runs fruitfully under the power brains of Green Apex engineers. All the attributes of iOS raising from Notes, Mail, Phone, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Maps, Music, News, Safari and Messages apps are profoundly captured in Green Apex development centre and utterly come up with exclusive applications.


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