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Opensource Systems

The Open Source is a virtual platform that holds the standard coding that is made free and flexible for the application developers. The developers can inspect the code, modify it and enhance it as per the requirement of their application. Programmers can also moderate the code by adding more features. They can further de-bug the parts that don’t work correctly. The technology world introduces many Open source platforms but, Green Apex works on most dominant platforms such as WordPress, CakePHP and CodeIgniter.


  • Platform Independency
  • If there is an Open Source, you need not have to wait for product upgrades or version upgrades. You can anytime utilize the Open Source solutions to make the applications quickly.

  • Vast Access to Tools
  • You can play around with a variety of development and testing tools, project and portfolio management tools, network monitoring, security, content management and many others under the Open Source hood. This will help you to make your application grab attention of the customers.

  • Cost Reduction
  • With Open source, you need not have to bear the application hosting and maintenance cost. This will help you to cut down the costs of the project.

  • Ceaseless Support from Online Community
  • The Open Source portal enables the creation of a number of online communities that may belong to an almost similar knowledge domain. Through this, you can post any query on the wall and can get thousands of responses to your query.

  • Code Customization
  • Open Source is the constraint-free and trouble-free platform. You can easily customize the code by inserting/updating features however you want.

    The various advantages of Open Source tend the programmers to utilize it to build their applications with ease along with sophisticated user interface. Green Apex grasps this technology by every bit and proffers its clients to develop wall-strong applications for them.
Open Source is the most popular platform to work with. 80% of the most dynamic software’s are built using Open Source. Connect with us and get started today for a more zealous experience with most flexible and diverse development partners.


The Open Source solutions are one of the famous resources in the market and their demand is increasing day by day. A brief list of exceptional open source software’s are:

  • Apache (web server)
  • CentOS (Linux distribution from Red Hat's development efforts)
  • Fedora (Linux destop system)
  • Tomcat (Java servlet container)
  • JBoss (J2EE server for Enterprise Java Development)
  • Slackware (Linux distribution)
  • Ubuntu (a Linux desktop operating system)

Green Apex provides you with solutions, by using superlative Open Source solutions that are Liferay, WordPress, CakePHP and CodeIgniter.


Liferay Portal is the open source version of Liferay is an enterprise web platform. It is used for building business solutions that deliver immediate results with a long-term value.


WordPress is the Open Source Content Management System. Which is used by programmers and bloggers to render creative websites and rich blogs on the portal.


CakePHP is an open-source web. It has a rapid development framework that helps to build web applications simpler, faster and requires less code.


CodeIgniter is a potent PHP framework. It is built for developers who need a straightforward and prominent toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Using Open Source technologies, Green Apex ends your search to build up a great product. Connect with us if you want to deploy an entirely functionalized Open Source solutions to raise your business graph.


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