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On the rapidly rushing application surroundings, PHP happens to be a well resourced loose language that eases resource management. Developers grab a huge hand over PHP coding when the requirement asks working modules on pillar of simplified coding structure. Green Apex team is a squad of developers that develop error free and gainful web
PHP is popularly known as ‘PHP Hypertext Preprocessor’. PHP is mostly used as a server side scripting language to create dynamic and interactive Web pages. No wonder some of the world’s busiest and biggest websites run on PHP framework like the Facebook. Apart from being widely used, it is an open source web programming language which seamlessly mingles with other web technologies and runs flawlessly on Apache, Windows, Linux, Solaris and many other UNIX platforms.
Green Apex offers for a very progressive and highly functional PHP web development solutions and services across the world. We have expertise equipped with latest technologies and methodologies to help you give business assistance from small to complex website building solutions.

  • The attributes that favor PHP for most of the web applications are pinned below:
  • The simplified coding structure is a painless and gainful benefit.
  • The cross platform compatibility enhances the utility and number of users.
  • Cost effective and productive standards make it adaptive language.
  • Having the easy concepts help learners to grasp easily and thus emerges sharp and quick developers.
  • The support to multiple frameworks magnifies the scope of development.
  • There are number of open source CMS available that runs on LAMP.


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  • Independent of Operating System: The main advantage of PHP is it can run on several platforms. Irrespective of the operation system the user is using, PHP runs perfectly without any problem. PHP runs effortlessly on Mac, Linux, Windows out of the many. Therefore you can enjoy the freedom to install the server and Apache to build great products. Moreover you can deploy the code to any other operating system with that operating system configuration. Rest assured operating system is very less of a concern when using PHP.
  • Compatible with other Interfaces: PHP is versatile with various other interfaces and is best used when the user requests are based on database credentials straight to HTML form.
  • User Friendly: When compared to other web languages PHP is a very simple and easy to use. Complex and productive websites can be built with minimum coding as the syntaxis logical and command functions describes exactly what they do. Therefore, creating and optimization of the application becomes easier.
  • Easily available PHP Frameworks: PHP comprises of number of popular frameworks readily available such as CodeIgniter, Zend etc. These frameworks work best building large and complex projects. Using PHP makes your development fast, easy and reliable.
  • Saves time and Effort: Thanks to PHP’s readily available frameworks it gives the competence to build and develop the code in a very short span of time. These frameworks and scripts are reusable and work meticulously on both small and big projects, saving your time and effort.
  • Gives flexibility along with maximum Control: PHP administers more control on the webpages when compared to any other language. PHP gives the flexibility to update and need to edit the webpages easily. PHP embedded with HTML, CSS is very accessible and enable the web content to be highly dynamic.
Green Apex is a trusted PHP development service provider with more than 100+ satisfied clients from all over the globe. Connect with us to build a customized PHP solution that not only magnifies your ROI but also reduces the overall development costs.


Green Apex has highly committed skilled and certified PHP developers who are ready with solutions for your problems. Our development team expertise in knowledge of OOP/ MVC, to provide you with a very scalable and robust architecture for your applications. We have PHP development team who expertise in PHP/MYSQL/AJAX to build websites and deliver services according to the clients requirements.

Green Apex uses the open sources available like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Zancart, Magento, thereby reducing overall costs and providing you with quality product as per the industry standards.

Security is the most important criteria for any web-based application, including PHP. Since it is open source, there may be possible chances for any type of attacks as anyone can explore the codebase. Green Apex offers continuous ongoing relationship with our PHP developers who can create interactive features and modify the existing components, forming an approach to create a solution for security problems.

Hire PHP Developers from Green Apex for exceptional Business Traction.

Hire Skilled PHP Developers from Green Apex


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