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Product Development

Product Development is a step by step process from the generation of an idea to successfully completing and presenting you with a very potent product. There are many continuous steps involved in the process of attaining a profitable product. Green Apex will provide you with the best Product Development requirements. Green Apex has a very responsive team who are willing to help you right from providing advice in the further development of the product, developers having expertise skills to impart their knowledge to your experts, to complete guidance from idea to the success of the product.


Green Apex follows a very adaptable Agile methodology to present you with a very durable end product. Over the time agile has proved itself repeatedly to be one of the best methodologies for product development.

How Useful is Agile Methodology in Product Development.

  • Progressive
  • Agile follows regular sprints. Sprints are the development cycles to complete one iteration. At the end of each sprint the team must present a product that has moved one step ahead towards the completion of the project. Green Apex has adopted agile to produce an incremental process with concrete results at the end of every sprint. And also the requirements are revisited from the beginning till the end of the life-cycle.

  • Flexible
  • Since there is repetitive testing throughout the development of the project, Agile provides with an exceptional end product. Green Apex along with its team will audit the functioning of the project as it develops. This gives our clients the flexibility to provide feedback and make necessary adjustments wherever required.

  • Reduces Development Costs and Time
  • Agile being an iterative methodology and there is continuous testing to check the progress of the project. This will further help in the reducing development costs as well as the time taken to deliver the product to the market. Green Apex makes this possible, as the development team can work on both gathering the requirements and developing the software simultaneously. Since regular sprints are followed, client can also regulate their releases for profits in the market.

  • Client Involvement
  • Agile methodology strengthens principle of comprehensive interaction between the client and company throughout the development process. This increases the visibility of the product development to the client. Green Apex ensures that this discernibility is maintained all through, to maintain the better progression of the project. Green Apex further makes sure that the client requirements are met and managed appropriately.

  • Client Satisfaction is the Key
  • During the process of maintaining visibility with the clients, Agile methodology follows the motto of building up a perpetual bond with its clients. Therefore by providing the convenience to change the requirements if any during the development process, Green Apex respects the client’s decisions and creates an everlasting acquaintance with the client.
Above all, Green Apex has the development team who have the skills and competence to embrace change to build up an exceptional product on the give time. Agile Methodology focuses on structuring a proper product, which adapts your project requirements perfectly.


Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model


Green Apex will provide with all the required facilities like infrastructure, skilled team to build up your project, cost-management and training and hiring of resources. We will establish a fully


In this stage the development of the project is done. Green Apex team will ensure you to hire skilled and expertise resources with the best equipment for the free flow of the project. Green Apex keenly manages the progress of the product and plans frequent quality audits. Communication is the Key. Our development team is in constant touch with the clients for taking regular feedback. Green Apex will also manage the client’s requirements during the advancement of the product.


This is the final step where a fully-fledged development centre which is set up is finally transferred to the client. Green Apex gives the entire ownership and entrusts the operations to the client by providing training as to how to operate the centre. We will further offer the client with added legal, logistical and technical support.
Why do we follow BOT model
  • BOT provides for offshore outsourcing of business processes to establish a global presence. When the client wants to create such a presence, it is hard to get control over the intellectual property. Green Apex will help you get control over a secure IP and capture it. We will ensure that IP captured is transferred to you with full ownership.
  • BOT will help the client to save 60% of the actual cost incurred while building up the product on their own. Green Apex will help you in cutting your cost by hiring the development team who have skills as per the industry standards.
  • Client need not worry about investing in infrastructure and setting up an offshore development center. Green Apex will look after all these requirements right from day one. Clients can enjoy all the benefits we will provide them. This will ensure short-term cost efficiency for the client.
  • BOT model is most exquisite and dependable method to make your way in the technological industry. Green Apex will further make sure that it will transfer you with the best product. This will help you build a strong statement and expand your business in the market.
  • Since the client defines the protocol for success. Therefore, BOT provides for high control on the quality of the project delivered.


How hiring a team works?
The client, the development company and a dedicated development team are the important elements in this model. The client further approaches the outsourcing company to hire a dedicated development team. The development company plays a crucial role in hiring the best of resources to complete the assigned project. The development team work together, to meet the client’s requirements. The main motto of this model is, there is a team dedicated solely to the client. This team is committed to work for the client for the specified time. The team work’s as a part of the client’s team. This team can work off-site or on-site according to the client’s requirements.
Green Apex has an expertise and dedicated team who will help you meet all your business requirements. We have inspiring developers and designers you can hire. These developers will put their best knowledge in use, in building up a dynamic product for the clients. Green Apex follows agile and iterative methodologies, to help you present with a compelling service right from the generation of an idea to the success of the project. Our team will walk hand in hand with you even after completion of the project for
Why you should hire a Team from Green Apex
  • The client can save your time and energy of undergoing the process of hiring any additional resources for the required project. Green Apex will provide you with the best development resource who will understand your business and become part of your team.
  • Flexibility is the key advantage if you hire a team. The client can fully manage and control the team during the duration of the project. It will also help in cutting cost and saving time. As the client need not go through the process of hiring new resources. Green Apex team further works to provide the best service to the client.
  • Every project at some point or the other may call for some changes. During such unforeseen conditions the client may not have the required resources. Therefore hiring a development team will help the client to fill the vacuum. Green Apex will provide you with a flexible development team, who adapt themselves to such changing environments.
  • When there is an ad-hoc requirement. Successful companies deal with lots of projects. When the client wants a high quality product and in a very short span, it can hire a team to complete the project on time. This will help the company to concentrate on its main business, without having to worry much. Green Apex has a very dedicated team who understand that your time is money. Therefore they will leave no stone unturned to meet the deadlines and provide with a very potent product.
  • For building any successful project there, there should be updated infrastructure in terms of hardware and software. There is immense cost involved in equipping with the latest equipment. When you hire a team you need not worry about investing in these special hardware’s and software’s .Green Apex is equipped with latest infrastructure and sophisticated technology which will help in a free flow of the development process. We are ready to go an extra mile to provide you with an exceptional output.
Open an entirely new market, by having the strong technical partner like Green Apex, you can focus on your core domain than technical executions and micromanagement. Let's work together.


Green Apex is happy to work for you and with you. Green Apex looks forward to collaborate with like-minded clients and companies to help them provide with the best of services. The most momentous element in partnering is the trust we build with our clients. Green Apex will help you amplify your reach and expand your reach in the market.
Benefits of Partnering With Green Apex.
  • The clients can have a greater access to our knowledge pool. This will provide for greater understanding and reduce the risk of possible mistakes. We will provide with an adept technical support throughout the development of our projects.
  • We will provide you with an exceptional foundation for your ideas. In the world where Innovation is the key, working together will help in developing exceptional ideas.
  • Green Apex’s skilled developers and the clients exceptional team work together to build an ideal product. This will help in sharing of our technical expertise, skills, network and make the best use of their experience.
  • Working together will give the clients, cost effective results. This will help in producing more relevant products and services to the customers.
  • The client can focus on their core activities leaving the rest of the responsibility on us. Green Apex will further look after in building up the product.
  • Partnering will improve the efficiency. This will further help in sharing costs, avoid duplication and creating perfect delivery systems. Green Apex will help in providing with very superior and innovative ideas for developing a successful product.
  • Maintaining the long term trust. For achieving the desired results, there should be long term bond between the partners. This trust will help in working together to achieve greater results in a more efficient and effective way. Green Apex trusts all its clients and will dedicated for catering success in the products we build.