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Project Consultancy

Green Apex is established to have the best unified management team with the right mixture of skills and expertise to guide the client all through the project. Green Apex is here to assist you and guide its clients in achieving their project goals


Project Management is to keenly inspect the planning, regulation and execution of the project. The success of the project lies in laying proper foundation and management of the project right from when the idea is born. There should be perfect project management team to manage the project efficiently and adequately and give proper guidance to the project from beginning till the end, keeping a lot of aspects in the timelines. The aspects include meeting deadlines, managing costs etc.

Project Management is recognized as an important function during the development of the project. For proper management of the project, companies hire ‘Project Managers’ or ‘Scrum Masters’ who are trained to handle the impromptu project needs.

Project managers are competent enough to day to handle day project tracking to any unforeseen situation which may arise during the advancement of the project. Project managers understand the nature of the project, the culture of the organisation and the ability of the resources working on the projects. The Project Managers carry a lot of functions right from

  • Specifying the goals of the project.
  • Preparing a proper framework to achieve those goals.
  • Scrutinizing the required resources who can lend their expertise in successfully completing the project.
  • Allocating the required time and budget for the project, keeping every sprint in mind.
  • Monitoring the execution of the project right from the beginning.
  • Walking conjointly with the development team to deliver an ideal project to the client.
Green Apex is updated with the latest tools for proper management of the process. Green Apex project managers and scrum masters are properly trained to use various advanced platforms like JIRA, Confluence, Zoho projects, Trello, Asana, Bitrix24, Freedcamp to manage even the minute project detail and work together to maximize productivity. Communication is the key to obtain an optimal project, therefore Green Apex scrum masters work closely with the client’s resource for better communication.

Green Apex will provide you with a first-rate project management services. Green Apex is equipped with one of the best project consultants who are willing to go an extra mile and assist their clients in providing best management advice, right from gathering the project requirements till the delivery of the project. You can rely on Green Apex for the most trusted advice throughout your project.

Green Apex possesses highly competent project managers and scrum masters, who have hands of expertise on handling all kinds of projects with various complexities. Even if the client’s needs advice on the on-going project, our team will assess the current status of your project and cater you with the required information. Green Apex will further guide you with the process of the project leaving minimum chance for the client to worry about starting from scratch.


To accomplish a successful project, one needs the right resources. Resources can be people who work for the project, the tools used for the development process and financial resources. Therefore the resource manager carefully coordinates with the clients resources, gathers the best resources together to meet the requirements of the project. The resource management team, then further manage the working of the resources and keep a continuous track of their commitment towards the project.

The resource management team has a resource manager who will take all the necessary steps for the proper functioning of the resources.

  • The resource manager prepares a concrete plan, which contains all the important elements required for the project right from beginning till the end.
  • The resource manager further distributes the work among the resources by preparing a proper hierarchy and assigns deadlines for the allocated work.
Why do you need resource management?
  • For a successful project, communication is the key. The resource manager plays an active role in interacting with the resources, inspires and motivates the client’s team members. This will help the resources to involve themselves in the development process by creating a transparent and constructive environment.
  • The resource manager should be well aware about not only the resources, but also with the project. He should identify the problem areas in the project, further communicate with the resources to fill in the vacuum. He should therefore take productive measures to get the project back on track.
  • No one wants to be left alone. Therefore the resource management team should make sure that all the resources work collectively. The resource manager collects real-time feedback and welcomes new ideas from the team. This will increase productivity and encourage team spirit among the resources.
  • Build up trust among the team. Every member of the team is working to achieve a common objective. Therefore the resources management team makes sure that, transparency is maintained among the team members. Resource manager makes sure that the tasks are allocated according to priority among the resources, manage deadlines, and involve the resources in identifying the risks right from the start of the project.
Green Apex resource managers will track the day to day progress of your project to help you meet your project deadlines. Green Apex resource managers or project managers develop real-time reports that will upgrade your project visibility with clear goals. Green Apex will also help you regulate your costs by identifying project dependencies if any. Green Apex resource management team will advice you on obtaining solutions and as to how to proceed with the project. We here at Green Apex, will make sure that your skilled team is making the best use of the resources allocated for any particular project.


Technology management helps in managing the use of technology of a company to bring out a best output. It is very important for successful organizations to manage their technology properly for better competitive results. Managing of technology usually involves, planning, designing, upgrading, proper working and updating the technological product.

Affluent organizations plan their technology and create an effective framework to increase productivity and obtain better results. Therefore the main motto of technology management is to produce exceptional results from the provided technology and resources in a cost effective manner. This will further bring growth to the organization. Technology management further looks after the issues related to data loss and misuse of technology.
Why do you need Technology Management?
  • Technology Managers analyse the client’s requirements and give guidance to the resources as to which technology is best suited for the particular project. If technology is managed well, clients may get notable results as the operations are improved regularly. Technology management involves establishing, integrating and managing activities.
  • A well-managed technology will instigate proper information flow in the company. The technology management team set ups a Management Information System (MIS) which prepares periodic, fixed and impromptu reports regarding the process of the project. MIS further prepares reports in various forms they can be periodic, summarized, ad-hoc, exception and comparative reports.
Green Apex understands what is required for a project to become successful, we have the best technological panel who will provide the clients with the expert technical advice. Technology is the driving force for the gaining a profitable and efficient project, that will grant increased productivity. Our experienced development team will furnish you with ways to uplift your project by keeping in mind your project goals and requirements. Green Apex will thereby understand how your business works and help you solve all your technical challenges faced during the process of the project.
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