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8 things to have an upper hand on before developing your 1st Android app

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Posted on July 28, 2021
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Living in a digital-only era, we use our phones while in the office, on the streets, in our cars, at home, while we’re eating, relaxing in the bed, and even while bathing.

There are 99.9% chances that you might be reading this from your smartphone right now. Are you?

The influence of Android apps is such that every task, every process, every operation, and every activity irrespective of the source of application has a mobile app attached to it.

Within just a matter of time, mobile phones will supremely rule the businesses in this digital-friendly world.

To survive this impactful trend in mobile apps, entrepreneurs now need to launch a unique app concept with a business idea that stands out from the rest.

To combat this, a frequent set of thoughts that hem in the mind of startup entrepreneurs and industry leaders are:

Whether my app idea will get a good response from the users or not? What is the guarantee that users will download my ambitiously launched app? Will the users experience my app the right way even if they download from the app store?

Hey, all the to-be business tycoons. Freight not!

This blog has you covered with all solutions on the right strategies and things to consider before developing your Android app.

#1 Research

The time spent on exhaustive market research often comes back to you tenfold. So, roll up your sleeves and analyze other apps similar to your app idea.

Observe what is doable and what innovations are trending on other similar business apps.

Such type of research will show you a way on how to make it to the top featured list. There are few critical things to be considered to make your newly developed app thrive in the market.

First things first. Simply solve the below questions to make sure you probe the business idea exhaustively.

  • Go into the roots of what is the purpose of your app development.
  • Understand and know your target market from the perspective of demographic, psychographic, and geographical aspects.
  • Make sure that you provide a solution to the real pain in the market?
  • Find out if your cherished app development idea is already been introduced in the market before or it’s an original Android app concept. This is called concept proofing of your business app.
  • How strong is the value proposition of your Android mobile app development?
  • Make target audience your absolute key. This will gradually help to build your user base faster than ever.
  • Get answers to most important questions like which devices does your target audience highly use? and at what time or how often they use Android mobile apps?
  • Dig deeper into how you can simplify the whole app ecosystem and avoid making it complicated for users with loads of features.

Researching the in and out of each aspect of your Android app will help you develop an app specifically tailored for your precious user base.

#2 Speed

An app load time should be your top priority strategy for offering the best of the best user experience.Recent survey reports show that users tend to care more about load time than all the whistles and bells we want to add to our app.

Secondly, When it comes to search engine rankings, page load time, or app load time becomes an important factor to drastically increase the conversions on your app.

A decrease in the app loading time helps to reach out to your target market without making them switch to other alternative options.So! Implement all possible ways to speed up your load time as short as loading your app in a blink of an eye.

Facts to peek

  • 40% of mobile internet users abandon the website or app that takes 3 seconds or more to load.
  • A delay of 1 second in page response results in 7% conversions reduction.
  • More than 47% of mobile internet users expect the web page to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • 51% of mobile users say that they have experienced a website or an app that froze, crashed, or received an error.
  • 73% of mobile app users say that they have experienced an app that was too slow to load.

Believe it or not, load time impacts the bottom line of your business app.

#3 Construct Your Mobile App Revenue Model

Determine how you will monetize your app?

With bespoke innovation in the app development technologies, even the app revenue models are embracing advancements.

Listed below are a few of the trending revenue models that can help you decide the structure of your app monetization more accurately.

  • Freemium model
  • Premium (paid) model
  • In-app purchases
  • In-app ads
  • Subscriptions
  • Commissions
  • Sponsorships

Build a rock-solid revenue model that becomes a win-win for you and all the app users.

#4 Focus on social media integrations

Integrating social media can make your newly developed app have a global reach.

You can leverage an enhanced app functionality that allows users to seamlessly login via social media on that app.

Additionally, it helps to connect the users with their like-minded people on the app by pulling required data from their social media accounts.

To keep the users engaged on your app for a long, social media integrations enable exciting features like developing a wish list, adding favorites, sharing location check-ins, or stories related to product/service purchases, and more.

It’s easier for you to promote, market, and inform the users about the latest news, promotions, or upcoming events.

Social media integration stimulates users to stay on the app for a long.

#5 Add customized and personalized app features

Giving an appealing feel of your app specially designed for the user will help your business app to differentiate from others.

Right from app design personalization to customized app features, your app should be unique in a way of making your users feel exclusive.

When thinking to launch your app internationally or globally, you should research and implement cross-cultural app design giving a personalized look and feel differently to every user based on their lifestyle, culture, and nationality of their country.

Furthermore, custom mobile apps are backed with many benefits of improving efficiency, giving an aesthetic user experience, the improved scope of scalability, and fortified security.

It also complements your app to the concepts of AR/VR devices, IoT app development, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning concepts.

Drop the thought of getting back your business to ’new normal’, get back to business growth with the advantage of the best software development company

#6 Time and resources

Work on the accurate estimations of time frame and resources to scope, plan, design, develop, test, and launch your desired app.

These Android app development estimations will guide you through the entire app project to get quick turnarounds on wireframing, scoping required functionalities, app designing, end-to-end development, rigorous quality assurance, and bespoke app launching.

Depending on the app development complexities, you can also settle down on your budget the right way.

Research and plan out all the resources to avoid app emergencies and ease out continuous monitoring, optimization of user experience based on the feedback, cash log reviews, and regular updates of the operating system.

#7 Security, privacy, and maintenance

From bank account numbers to passwords, smartphones tend to store a lot of personal details. This has made data protection an utmost priority for the users.

If your business app relies on a server to store data like payment history, user records, account information, and other such data. You’ll also have to invest well in maintaining and managing this information.

Before launching your app, make it double sure of what’s required to maintain the security and privacy in your app.

Focus on incorporating privacy policies related to the collection of sensitive data from the app users.

Investing in app security will highly create an impact on users with a sense of a secured impression for your brand.

#8 Choose the right App Development Company

No doubt the unique app idea is solely yours, but the planning and execution are skillfully done by the App Development Company you choose.

So, the aspects to consider while choosing the right App Development Company are:

  • Check the tech stack expertized by that company.
  • Go through their clienteles and read their case studies.
  • Contact clients or companies they have worked with.
  • What is the level of customer support provided by that app development service provider?
  • How will the experts be dedicated to your app development project?

Selecting the right Android App Development Company significantly influences to make your app intuitive and user-friendly.

Looking for developing your first Android App?

Considering all the above strategies will well update you with everything going on in your app development project.

New to developing your business app?

Will take it from here.