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A Ballpark Look at the Cost of Making an App 2021

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Posted on July 28, 2021
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It's a real-world instance that one of the visionaries was about to have kittens right away after coming to the saturation level of frustration for not getting a perfect answer to what is the cost of developing an app 2021?

There is a big chunk of influential startups who have unique app ideas and want to give a debut in the market, the technology style. You might also have a burnished half a million-dollar business and need a next-gen user experience to match.

This puts you into a million questions rolled into one- What is the cost of app development 2021?

On the flip side, before you can knock it out of the park, you also need to search for the right technology partner at the right price.

If you really think that developing an app is a costly affair.

Yes! You are partially right.

But we have you covered with 3 easy solutions to lower the app development cost drastically!

Let's first gauge how much does it costs to make an app in 2021.

To develop a stunning app that transforms the way users interact with your brand, you need to adopt the tech trends that pampers the millennials, boomers, and Gen Zers, and many Benjamins that comes under your target market.

So here at Green Apex, we strategically run your app development project in the most optimized way to quote you the best price for your app development.

A complete app development process includes several stages like strategy building, prototyping, designing, development, testing, and maintenance.

All these stages add their own shed in the final app development cost. On top of that, there are also a few hidden costs attached to mobile app development.

If you have already validated an app idea or have an idea about what type of app you want to develop for your business, you need to be niche down your app idea from the several categories in the app market.


"Some of the most promising app categories of 2021 include- Gaming apps, social networking apps, healthcare apps, virtual events app, Edutech apps, video streaming apps, on-demand food delivery apps, travel apps, and many more."

The cost of app development depends on the resources. But unlike any other resources, in top app development companies, these resources include-

  • Experience of mobile app developers
  • Time taken to make an app

To get an approximate answer to how much does it cost to develop an app, here we present you an easy-breezy formula:

Development Time X Rate Per hour

For example,

If you want to integrate the GPS feature on your app. So, the total amount of time taken to integrate that feature will be multiplied by the hourly rate of your trusted technology partner.

Plus! the most popular factors that affect the cost of your app development are

  • Which platform do you want to develop your app on- Android, iOS, or Cross-platform app? To develop a cross platform app, you have two options- Native app development and hybrid app development. For a Native app development process, you will have to hire an Android developer & hire an iOS developer. But for Hybrid app development, you will have to hire one app development team to build your entire app.
  • Choose how you want to devise your business through apps like simple apps, data-driven apps, social media apps, gaming apps, utility apps,
  • Plan out your app development project with strategies for complexities in UI/UX and third-party API integrations for your application. This will help you to know the tentative time required to build an app.
  • Deep dive into the post-release expenses of app development. These involve app licenses, cloud hosting, app marketing, API subscription, app upgrades, app maintenance, and more. Here at Green Apex, you will have no costs hidden to get a trusted quote with detailed and optimized pricing.

All these popular factors sound way too expensive.

Well well well! Presenting you a budget-friendly app development cost matrix

You will have basic features brought live and simply know how your app will perform in the market. It's called the beta form of app development solutions.


(Minimum Viable Product)

You can get a clone script of any application that serves the same purpose as that of your app. You can leverage a new UI but with the same functionalities of a similar app development like that of your app.

# Clone Script

A Hybrid app may cost you less than the cost of Native app development but it might affect the performance of your app.

# Hybrid App

If you are planning to build a cross platform app in Flutter, how much does it cost to build a Flutter app?

For your cross-platform app that also has the riches of Native app, go with Flutter. You can straightaway drop your mobile app development cost to 60% with Flutter. Heres how!

  • One codebase runs it all
  • Faster design & development
  • Highly flexible UI
  • Same business logic in all platforms
  • Customizations turn seamless
  • Great iterations of prototyping, experimenting, and reviewing
  • On the spot improvements in the look & feel of the app is easy
  • Speedy code writing
  • Fewer codes, fewer bugs, less testing, and faster quality assurance
  • Ideal for MVP

This way Flutter app development cost is best optimized with better utilization of resources & management with faster time to market your app.

How much does it cost if you are planning to build a cross platform app on React Native?

The reason why more & more people are benefiting from the cost of react native app development is simply that it lets you develop a high-quality mobile app faster.

  • Robust performance with speedy results
  • Live reload and see the latest changes upfront
  • Seamless cross-platform
  • Works under tight budget constraints
  • Reusable codes
  • Speedy app development process
  • Smart tools to execute functions swiftly
  • Runs like a native app
  • Super easy transformation from web page to mobile page

Seeing the above benefits of React Native, you will know that the fortunes to develop your app on React Native overweighs the cost of React Native App Development Services.

How much does it cost if you are planning to build a cross platform app on ionic?

If you really want to develop an app with a low budget, high performance, rich UI, and in a limited timeline, Ionic app development services are your ideal choice. Explore the reasons why the cost to make an app on Ionic is best.

  • Powerful SDK
  • Write once and deploy anywhere
  • Rapid hybrid mobile app development with simple syntax
  • Agile language supportive
  • Leverage native and web app experiences
  • Live reload and on the spot improvements
  • Great community support

Final Thoughts and What Is the Next Step?

This has been a rough highlight of myriads of app development factors that affect the cost to make your dream app.

But you might now have a true sense of the average mobile app development cost and know enough about the ideal formula of app development calculations as per the specific type of winning mobile app you want to develop and launch in the market.

If you are all set to take the next big step to develop your app, our in-house app development experts are waiting to chat.