5 Java Development tools you must use in 2019
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5 Java Development tools you must use in 2019

Java is one of the most flexible, effective, and simple languages in the present time. It is suitable for projects of all sizes. However, the use of the programming language is diverse and spread across various tools and platforms. Hence, knowing the right tools for building your dream product through Java Development is essential. It will help take your business to new heights.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best Java Development tools.


The most favored Java Development Tool is an open source framework called JUnit. It helps with Unit Testing of Apps. The best thing about this tool is that testers can test a single code block at a time. They don’t have to wait for the entire module to be completed, as quoted by The Hindu. This, in turn, saves a significant amount of time and increases productivity.


Spark is the most powerful Java Web Development framework. It enables Java Developers to create Web Apps without having to write boilerplates. It provides real-time stream processing, machine learning, and interactive queries.

Visual VM

Visual VM is the most empowering tool comprising Java Programming Language. It runs on a Java Virtual Machine that organizes data and presents it in an intuitive way. It integrates easily with command line tools such as jstat, jinfo, JConsole, and jstack.


Eclipse is an open source Integrated Development Environment. It provides the most efficient way for the Java Developers to write accurate code. The ease of coding and tool-assisted syntax checking make it the most desirable Java Development tool.


NetBeans Java Development tool facilitates with smart code editing. Java Developers can create bug-free code at a fast pace, thus resulting in high-performance Java Web Apps. It can easily be installed and used on various platforms that support Java.

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