5 myths about React Native App Development
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5 myths about React Native App Development

React-Native is the next-generation technology that is meant to develop feature-rich mobile UIs. Developed by Facebook and Instagram, it comprises Javascript code library. This most trending technology, however, is undermined by various baseless myths. It, in turn, tends to mislead people interested in Mobile App Development.

Let’s have a look at the myths about React Native App Development.

React Native Mobile Apps are hard to set up

The most talked about misconception about React Native App Development is that the Apps are hard to set up. With the introduction of the latest versions, the development process has become easy. Developers can bootstrap a one-page React Native App within a few minutes. They have ample options to enhance the user experience of such Mobile Apps with complete ease.

React Native cannot be added to existing projects

The basic process of React Native App Development depends largely on the changes made to a node in DOM. Hence, developers can add React Native components to any page. It works fine without any glitches, as quoted by The Hindu. To know more about such React Native services, click here.

It can’t be used with script tag

This myth tends to worry developers around the globe. However, it’s a false statement. They can add the Script Tag at the start and end of the React Native code. It works fine like any other technology. An experienced React Native Development Company can offer you solutions that negate these myths.

Webpack for JSX is a must

React Native App Development works absolutely fine without Webpack. Developers have sufficient options to convert JSX into plain Javascript. It helps optimize the process.

React Native is a framework

React Native is not a fully fledged framework. It takes care of the view layer of an application. It’s flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of products. Hence, it is very easy to introduce React Native to an existing project. 

The above-mentioned points should get you an idea about all the myths related to React Native App Development. They often curb React Native Developers’ ability to make the most of this technology. Hence, getting in touch with a leading React Native Development Company would help you take the plunge.

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