Large Scale Enterprises are opting for Nodejs
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Large Scale Enterprises are opting for Nodejs

Nodejs is emerging as the most popular Javascript Framework. Big Enterprises often consider it for their Web Development purposes. In fact, almost every customer ends up asking – ‘why not use Nodejs?’ The ever-growing technology is not only Enterprise-ready but provides every feature a customer can ask for.

Hence, it is essential to know what makes us say so. Here in this blog, we will discuss the same.

Google trends

No system configuration is required for CakePHP Web Development. That not only saves time but As per the latest Google trends, Nodejs is one of the most searched technologies. As quoted by The Times of India, out of all the Javascript Frameworks, it was the most trending subject in 2018. In the last 5 years, the rate of Google Search on Nodejs Services has increased exponentially. Naturally, it has caught the eyes of some big enterprises. Not only that, but it has also become the first choice when it comes to Web App Development.makes it a highly cost-optimized option. The only thing that CakePHP Developers take care of is the database settings.

Job trends

If we go by the Indeed Job Trends, Nodejs is the most sought after technology. Both employers and employees have been searching for Nodejs on this platform. In the last 3 years, this rate of job search has increased at a rapid speed. This proves why Nodejs is the most desirable Javascript Framework of the recent time. It’s high-powered Event Loop feature and I/O handling make it the first choice for both developers and businesses.

Brands using Nodejs

Some of the biggest Enterprises use NodeJS. Here is a list of the Enterprises - 

  • Paypal
  • Yahoo
  • Uber
  • Linkedin
  • eBay

It’s astonishing that Big Enterprises are opting for a new technology. Usually, they prefer to stick with older ones. Startups are more likely to take risks. However, the growing popularity of Nodejs has compelled the Enterprises to consider this emerging Technology. Although, they choose to only work with a renowned and trustworthy Nodejs Development Company.

What CEOs say

Now that we know that some of the top enterprises opt for Nodejs, you must be curious why. Let’s have a look at what the CEOs have got to say.

  • Nodejs has made our Web Apps faster and brought life to the designs – Jeff Harrell, The Director of Engineering at Paypal
  • The entire mobile software stack on the server side is built on Nodejs. This technology offered us massive performance gains – Kiran Prasad, the Mobile Development Lead at Linkedin.
  • Nodejs offers single-threaded I/O handling. This enabled us to fight concurrency issues that we earlier faced – Subbu Allarmarju, a Technical Staff at eBay

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