PHP 7.2 Vs PHP 5.6 – Facts you must know
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PHP 7.2 Vs PHP 5.6 – Facts you must know

It’s been almost a year since PHP 7 released. Early this year we received a new enhanced edition of PHP 7 i.e. PHP 7.2. After the debacle of PHP 6, developers and businesses find themselves a bit reluctant about going for PHP 7. They wonder if it would be right to resort to PHP 5.6 instead.

Hence, we have decided to offer you a thorough analysis of the two versions PHP 7.2 and PHP 5.6. At the same time, we would tell you why you must rely on PHP 7.2.

PHP 7.2

Let’s have a look at what new PHP 7.2 has got to offer

  • Speed improvement
  • Argon2 in password hash
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Multithreading
  • New Sodium extension
  • Abstract syntax improvement
  • Better performance on WordPress Websites
  • Deprecation

PHP 5.6

How well has PHP 5.6 been serving its developers and customers? Let’s check out.

  • Uploads of over 2 GB accepted
  • Improved syntax of variadic functions
  • Argument unpacking
  • Increased requests per second
  • POST data memory usage decreased

Why PHP 7.2 over PHP 5.6?

PHP 7.2 is said to be 2 times better than its older version 5.6. We are sure you are wondering why. Let’s check out the below numbers that reinforce our statement.

  • Over 71% Businesses admitted to adopting PHP 7.2 for their latest projects
  • Nearly 65% PHP Developers are already using PHP 7.2
  • Only 4% PHP Developers confessed that they are using PHP 7.2 because their hosting company is
  • According to a recent study by Forbes, PHP 7.2 offers 1.8 times increase in performance to PHP 5.6

If you are still not quite convinced why you should use PHP 7.2, we would like to show you test results that depict the performance of both.

PHP 7.2 Vs PHP 5.6 - a test of performance

We conducted a test on 2 WordPress-based websites that run on PHP 7.2 and PHP 5.6 respectively. The performance of both was tested using Apache Benchmark Tool.

Now that you have an idea of both the versions, we present you a comparison of the features. This should help you take the final leap.

Let’s have a detailed look at all the above-mentioned points.

Code compilation

Every programming language is an easy way to communicate with the hardware. Hence, they all are compiled into a binary code. So is PHP. However, what makes PHP 7.2 different from others is the ‘Just in Time’ engine. This is called Dynamic Translation. The compilation is made on the go. In addition, it speeds up components. This, in turn, improves the speed and performance of every Web App.


PHP 7.2 can perform several tasks simultaneously. This makes the Web Apps perform faster. You can easily fetch data from a database while your code performs another task.

Syntax Improvement

The syntax improvement which comes with PHP 7.2 has made the programmers’ lives a lot easier. This saves ample development time. It, in turn, results in cost optimization of your project.

Bottom Line

A study by Forbes suggests that over 75% PHP developers are willing to turn to PHP 7.2. Also, by the end of 2017, more than 80% of web servers had used PHP. The numbers are expected to increase more by the end of 2019 as a result of this latest stable version of PHP i.e. PHP 7.2.

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