Why is Nodejs crucial for your business?
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Why is Nodejs crucial for your business?

Every business wants to create a Web App that is fast, scalable, and intuitive. Speed, quality, performance are the 3 most important factors to be considered while creating an App. NodeJS offers all of them in the most effective way possible. It is an Open Source and Cross Platform Javascript Framework. NodeJS Services are mostly used for building Server-side Web Applications.

While there are a hundred other Javascript Frameworks, we tell you why you must consider Nodejs for your Business.

  • NodeJS feeds on the V8 engine launched by Google. It can seamlessly run on every platform. That, intrinsically, makes it the most worthy of Web App Development. Also, if you get in touch with an experienced Nodejs Development Company, they would offer their best Nodejs Services to you.
  • A non-blocking I/O API powered by the most desired event-driven architecture optimizes the Web App’s performance and quality. It is the ideal Javascript Framework for real-time Web Apps.
  • NodeJS can handle asynchronous I/O. This makes it the apt option for Web Development. 
  • NodeJS Development Solutions can read as well as write streams to HTTP. This aspect enables developers to build real-time Web Apps. Such unbeaten functionalities only take your business to new heights. 
  • Reading and writing into databases and file systems are much faster when Nodejs is being used. Hence, one would never have to compromise with speed, quality, and performance. This is the most important feature your Business Web App should boast. However, only an adept team of Nodejs Developers can offer you such a defectless service.
  • It is the Event Loop that makes Nodejs favorable by all, as quoted by The Times of India. It performs all I/O operations asynchronously. For older technologies, such operations would feed on the parallel threads. This would have an impact on the performance of the Web App. With Nodejs, there are no such performance issues involved.
  • Nodejs is being used by some of the major companies such as eBay, Linkedin, GoDaddy, etc. It is pretty evident that Nodejs is able to offer some crucial features. Also, it makes the functioning of a Web App faster and better.

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