Why Startups across the globe are endorsing Remote Work?

Why Startups across the globe are endorsing Remote Work?

Remote work has become a common practice across the globe. Even 5 years ago, the scenario was entirely different. Organizations were worried that this trend could tarnish their employees’ performance. However, as technology evolved at a rapid pace, so did everything else revolving around it. Now people at the workplace communicate more over Slack or Zoom than they do in person. It’s not a trend anymore. It’s a necessity.

Bigger enterprises like Github and Automattic employ huge remote workforces. However, what really has grabbed everybody’s eyeballs is Startups like GitLab, Buffer, Toptal, and Zapier have gone remote. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft backed up the idea as well. He said it results in reduced utility bills, fewer absences, and employee satisfaction. Also, it gives employers access to a larger pool of talent.

Let’s have a quick look at why Startups across the world are encouraging Remote Work.

Access to the global pool of talent

When you don’t have any geographical limits, you have the entire world to look for the perfect candidate. That’s the primary reason why Startups have chosen to go remote. Remember, you may not get the exact candidate if you restrict yourself to where your office is.

Reduced cost

Remote Work reduces your expenses on equipment and rent. As reported by Product Hunt, housing an employee would cost you around $20,000 per year. Cisco managed to save $227 back in 2009 by allowing employees to work remotely. At the present time, a startup could save about $10,000 per year by going remote.

A chance to expand your business

When you recruit global talent, they bring a fresh perspective to your business. Also, it helps you expand your business. Employees from different countries or regions would get you new connections. Startups across the globe have realized this fact and decided to go remote.

Keep your employees satisfied

Studies depict that employees working remotely are way happier. It results in higher employee retention rate and a flexible work environment. 86 percent workers confirmed that working remotely gave them a chance to be more productive. Employee productivity is a Startup’s foremost objective. It is a proven fact that satisfied and productive employees can help your business grow further.

Having discussed the benefits, we should now move on to look at the challenges associated with Remote Work.

Time Zone differences

Managing employees across various time zones is often a pain for companies. Your day could be your remote employee’s night. Green Apex has a solution for this. We offer you dedicated resources open to work on the desired shift. Also, we ensure seamless communication between you and the assigned employees at a time suitable for both.

Lack of clear accountability

More often than not, employers fear that remote workers may not be well aware of their accountability. Green Apex considers it their foremost action to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with employees. It ensures employees are well-versed with every aspect of their employment.

Communication problem

When your employees are remote, being in constant touch with them is a roadblock. Use of a two-way communication channel to chat with employees is a must in this case. Also, it is advisable to go with agencies that offer you a spokesperson. Freelancers lack this facility. To find out more about such services, click here .

The unknown facts about Remote Work across the globe.

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