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What is Reedy Group ?

With a vision of leading, innovating and developing relations, Reedy group has become a market leader in sectors like cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and wood paints. However, without a website that in the most effective way shows their customers what they should expect from it, their mission was impossible. Green Apex offered and delivered the same to them.


Reedy group caters to the needs of customers across various sectors. Plus, their business is scattered over 4 diverse locations such as Ghana, Ethiopia, the US and Egypt. Naturally, their aim was to supply their products across these locations. However, managing an inventory of all the offered products and maintaining a track of ordered items were their biggest concerns. When they approached us, we realised their challenges based on our previous experience of developing a similar system and offered an even better solution specific to their unique business needs.

Reedy group needed a website that helps its customers browse their products, gain a detailed insight on them and order the same. It might look like a straightforward solution, however, diving deep, we realised what they required was a little more than that. Hence, we offered them a highly featured eCommerce solution with customized functionalities to make it stand out among others.

Client Requirement

Like we mentioned, our client’s requirement looked pretty simple at first. However, as we analysed them further, we realised that it was not just a front end solution. They required order tracking features as well as needed to integrate their existing database with this new system. Hence, together we broke the high-level vision down into pointwise requirements:

  • Login for Admins and Customers
  • 2 different interfaces
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Track one’s orders
  • Manage orders from Admin Panel
  • Ability to search and select available products
  • Update product description from Admin Panel
  • Customised filters on products

Features We Added

For Customers
  • Register/login page
  • Listing of all products
  • Ability to search product
  • Ability to cancel order
  • Ability to customize filters on Product Listing Page
  • Online payment and tracking of the same
  • Ability to rate/review items
  • Ability to Bulk Order
  • Push notifications on item delivery status
  • Ability to connect with Support Executive for help with orders and product information
For Admin
  • Ability to manage product information
  • Ability to add, update, delete product data
  • Activate/Deactivate users
  • Ability to update category
  • Ability to track and cancel orders on users’ behalf
  • Ability to run regular scans on inventory data to check for new additions/updates
  • Ability to add discounts on items
  • Export reports on purchase
  • Keeping track of payment information


Adding items to Existing Shopping Cart

Oftentimes customers want to add more than one item to an existing shopping cart. This is one of the most exciting features of a shopping website. However, to have the new items reflected in an existing shopping cart in real time was not straightforward. It had to be achieved through real-time push notifications. This seemed challenging. But Green Apex Developers acquired this feature by implementing a custom logic. This enabled customers to view their shopping cart in an updated manner every time they added a new item to it.

Dynamic Category Blocks

Multiple category blocks had to be placed on the homepage of Reedy Group website. Also, these blocks were to be interdependent on the image sizes. Hence, implementing a dynamic UI was a must. This required complex coding. Our PHP Experts cracked complexity of this logic in no time and delivered an intuitive and attractive website to the client.

Third normalization form

Our client wanted a third normalization form for the admin panel. It was a tough backend job. Complex coding and sensitive data handling were necessary. However, with adept knowledge in PHP and MySQL, our developers achieved it in due course.

“Green Apex was not the first Development Solutions Provider that we approached. However, none of them analysed the requirements as well as they did. Much to our surprise, Green Apex Team even offered some enhancements to our existing backend system only to streamline the overall process. Plus, we liked how well-organized they were in terms of development, defect fixing, and communication.”




Like our client said, the actual project took a little more than what they initially thought. While a mere website usually takes no more than a month, working on the backend system requires a lot more effort. However, we promised them on time delivery of the entire project and hence, presented with the complete system within 10 weeks of time. The eCommerce system was highly customised to fit every need of their target customers and the backend was enhanced to ease the lives of their admins.

Reedy Group





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Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from Reedy Group CEO

“We weren’t very technically sound. So what we initially thought was we only needed a website. However, talking with them, we realised we also needed help with our backend system. Moreover, integrating the database with the admin panel was a must for achieving our goal. All this required a lot more effort than what we had in our mind. We are happy that we got in touch with Green Apex Team who helped us enhance our vision according to the needs of the market.”



Building a website is not a challenging job. However, with added customizations, the challenges add up too. That’s what we realised with this project. The solution we offered required much more effort than we initially presumed. However, we never considered delaying the timeline an option. Hence, our in-house Web Development Experts invested extra time to deliver the complete project in a little more than 2 months of time. In the end, our client was happy with the output. And, that was all we ever aimed for.

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