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What is Jiyyo ?

Jiyyo is an India-based Healthcare Service Provider Company that aims at bridging the gap between Healthcare Providers and Patients. They have created an easy communication channel between Hospitals, Doctors, and Patients via a trackable referral system. Green Apex offered them a development solution based on Artificial Intelligence, thus enhancing the overall user experience.


Jiyyo provides 3 main healthcare functions: Referral management, Clinic management, and Out Patient Department Management. What they wanted was that all three features would be wrapped in one app. However, this seemed challenging to them and their previous delivery partner. They didn’t want to settle for 3 different Mobile Apps because that seemed like a cumbersome option. Green Apex Technolabs understood their vision and hence, offered a single app multiple interface solution based on AI.

The Website as well as  Android App has three management systems incorporated in the website or app – E-referral management, Clinic management, and Remote OPD. The E-referral system is built on the AI concept while that for patients (OPD) is a simple connect and communicate app interface. The Clinic Management interface includes the best of both.

What our client wanted

The vision of Jiyyo was challenging yet innovative. This was a first for our team. While we were positive about the skills of our in-house Android and Web Developers, analysing their requirements was not straightforward. They, however, were quite excited for having the AI concept incorporated in the App.

Together, we came up with the below requirements:
  • Separate register/ login for Doctors, Pharmacies, Patients
  • Video conferencing feature for patients and doctors
  • 3 different interfaces for 3 users
  • AI-based e-referral system
  • Patient management and billing for pharmacies
  • Payment gateway for advance payment of Doctor/ Hospital Fees
  • Online appointment scheduling

Features We Added

Once the requirements were decided, we go to implementing the same. However, in the process, we realised that there were more features needed to make the app eye-catching and effective. Hence, we came up with a list of dedicated features meant for 3 different set of users: Patients, Doctors, Labs/ Hospitals.

For Doctors:
  • Receive appointment requests directly from patients
  • Refer patients to other doctors via the app
  • Notification of emergency patient arrival
  • AI-based tracking of no show or lost patients
  • Online payment and tracking of the same
  • Connect with remote patients through video calls
  • Online prescription uploading
For Labs/ Hospitals/ Pharmacies:
  • Patient management
  • Keeping medical records of patients
  • Billing system
  • Patient follow up module
  • Remote OPD setup via video call
  • Health camp management
  • AI-based tracking of patients’ healthcare related activities
  • Patient referral system based on Artificial Intelligence
For Patients:
  • Search Doctors
  • Connect with Doctors via video calling
  • Make online payment for hospital/pharmacy bills
  • Money return guarantee in case of cancelled or missed appointments
  • Schedule medical tests appointment at labs or pharmacies
  • Download prescriptions and use the same for getting medicine
  • Schedule appointments


AI-based patient trend tracking

Our client wanted to have an intelligent tracking system on the activity of their patients. The requirement included features like patients’ online research of health issues, medicine search and online consultation. This was supposed to help them suggest their patients better healthcare facilities and refer them doctors. This seemed like a challenge as AI was still an emerging technology back then. However, our team of AI engineers took it as a challenge and completed the entire App within a space of 3 months.

Role-based Interface Changes

As per the client’s requirement, the app was to have 3 utterly different interfaces based on user role. If Doctor logged in, he should see a set of options, which would not be present for the interface for patients. The same goes for labs or pharmacies or hospitals. This was a challenging task initially until we broke it down into three simple requirements and used user role security policy to segregate the views based on user roles.

Integration of video calling feature

Initially the client wanted a real time messaging feature for Doctors and Patients. However, later they modified this into a video calling option which, even we realised, would be more desirable for patients. However, for our Integration Experts it was not a straightforward job. With extensive brainstorming and extra effort, they managed to pull it off in time.

“We had had some difficulties implementing all the requirements with our old development partner. So when we approached Green Apex, we sort of dreaded the same. Plus, the requirements changed for a number of times due to last minute addition on our part. Yet, we are glad that they happily agreed to work on them and even suggested some more value additions for our app.”




When ABAPIT requested for a quote, all they could present us with was a vague idea of the logo. Hence, the development was to be right from scratch. The client boasted technical knowledge but we could not expect a complete breakdown of all requirements. Therefore, we knew if we took up the project, we would have to build it right from zero. We took help of the best of our WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and Integration Experts only to come up with the best possible solution. The moment our client had a look at it, they were sure we could pull it off. It took us nearly one and a half month to deliver the complete solution as we had promised them.



With so many features and 3 different interfaces in one Android App, it was a daunting yet exciting task for our developers. We all took it as a challenge and aimed for delivering excellence. The Android work had gone on in parallel to the website and we delivered both of them within 90 days. 


Android OS Support: 

5 to 7


Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:

480×800, 720×1280, 1080×1920, 1440×2560





JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from Jiyyo CEO

“When Green Apex came up with a solution, we were pretty excited to have it delivered. Because not only they considered all our requirements, but they added some more to enhance the user experience. We were almost always on top of the project progress and never missed an update from their end. The communication was swift, which is often a concern with remote development work. Hence, it was a pleasant experience working with them.”



This was one of the most challenging projects for us. However, with our adept developers, we never really had to fear the challenges. Hence, we delivered the product on time as promised. What we gained out of this project was our client’s trust and wish to work with us again in the future. A happy client is what  Green Apex aims for with every project delivered successfully.

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