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What is Streetone ?

StreetOne – the leading US-based Finance Investment Company builds their own Investment Management System, enabling their customers to strategize the optimization of tax in the most effective way by using Green Apex Angularjs, MongoDB, and Nodejs Developers.

They promise to take the complexity out of investing for their customers by offering solutions that ensure growth, protection against loss of asset value, and continuous tax optimization. The Investment Management System enables its customers to meet their investment strategy while keeping up with the ever-changing market conditions.

Challenges we faced

For StreetOne, it was not a straightforward concept to have an Investment Management System built. They aimed at offering a number of diverse services such as tax optimization, growth of asset value, etc. Having all of that crammed into a single system was challenging. Therefore, they required an efficacious team comprising an adept set of Developers who could realize their vision from the perspective of end users. 

The prime challenges they faced were :-

  • Need for a highly experienced Web Development Company that consists of well-versed Angularjs, Nodejs, and MongoDB Developers
  • Changing existing source code with the help of AngularJS
  • Patching existing defects in the Investment Management System
  • Optimizing the database
  • Improving the UI and UX of the Website
  • Meeting internal project timelines while ensuring scalability of the Website was of the utmost importance to them
  • Communication seemed to be a roadblock since they weren’t well-versed with latest technologies
" Our previous development partner was having difficulty with patching the existing defects on our system. And we didn't want to move on to new changes without having fixed the old ones. This led to a lot of delay and unnecessary communication issues. We guess we found Green Apex Technolabs at the right time."


The Solution We Offered

StreetOne set out to evaluate the knowledge, team size, and potential of many Web Development Companies in the market. They shortlisted many of them. However, in the end, it is the deft skill set of Green Apex Developers that spurred them to take the plunge. With Green Apex , their concern of seamless communication also ebbed. Our developers ensured they received the most effective solution that aligned well with their requirements.

An enhanced Investment Management System :-

1. The one-stop system that provides all the below services to customers

  • Utilization of data science and machine learning to understand changing market conditions
  • An intuitive system that promises to minimize the complexity of Investment Strategies
  • Competitor analysis to realize changing market needs and enhance the UI

2. Proficient Data Management with MongoDB

  • Strengthen the Data Management system while maintaining security and flexibility
  • Efficient indexing of data in order to organize them and use them effectively
  • Optimization of Backend Database is important to developing applications with MongoDB

3. Reduce new defects and patch old ones

  • Effective bug tracking system to keep an update on the existing bugs
  • Patching old defects on time to optimize existing code and backend system
  • Regular updates on system performance improvement via seamless communication

4. Performance improvement with Nodejs

  • Suggest improvements using Nodejs for the enhancement of quality and performance
  • Making the most of Nodejs technology for added functionalities and features
  • Improve Website response for better customer experience


As per StreetOne Team, their win from this project has been the tremendous Improvement and Stability of the Website while guaranteed Security, efficient Data Management, and Seamless Communication. Green Apex Developers, they added, have been profusely effective in implementing their requirements. In fact, there have been numerous value additions resulting in a product that goes beyond their vision.

  • Development and Database Optimization costs reduced by 55%
  • Introduction of the Agile Model significantly decreased the requirement analysis and defect fixing time
  • Effort savings of 100+ man-hours per month as a result of improved backend code and database
  • Increased traffic to the website eventually leading to happy clients

Words From Our Happy Client

"When we were evaluating their skills and past works, we got the hunch that they could pull it off. Their attitude and years of experience only reinforced our belief. While our back end system was in a haphazard state and needed a complete makeover, they introduced the latest technologies to enhance it even more."


Future plans

Happy with the timely delivery of their requirements and profuse improvements of their existing backend structure, they decided to continue working with Green Apex. The project, having started in 2016, is being continually improved. StreetOne aims at optimizing the system further, fixing some non-major defects, and bring in more exciting services for end users. They want to rely on Green Apex for attaining the same.

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