Neurofeedback based Motion sensing App

What is FocusBand?

FocusBand is a real time motion based mind-sensing headset. FocusBand has woven sensors which measure human mind. The digital data collected by the application is run through unique filters.These filters create an avatar to give audio and video feedback. Their aim was to build an in-motion brain training system for sports, mindfulness and sleep.


FocusBand has woven sensors which measure the state of mind. The frequency generator attached to the FocusBand generates frequencies received from the brain. These frequencies might range from 1-44hz. The FocusBand converts these frequencies into digital formats of 1’s and 0’s. The converted data is further transferred to the mobile application with the help of a Bluetooth.

It was probably the most challenging and innovative project Green Apex worked on. The idea itself sounded exciting when the client gave us a demo of their vision. We knew right from the beginning that the implementation would not be straightforward. However, taking on the challenge only led us to the execution of the most creative and effective web and mobile development solution.

Client Requirement

The App was to serve many purposes like measuring brain frequency, Audiovisual neurofeedback, train mental process, progress bar, activity counter and session report, etc. For having them all on the app, we had to break down the vision into high-level requirements. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Mobile responsive pages
  • Website dropdowns
  • Dynamic forms
  • ChatBot Integration
  • Plugin customization
  • Dynamic pages
  • Animations and video integration
  • Connection via Bluetooth
  • Audio Visual report of brain activity
  • Reading digital form of brain signal and putting them through required filters
  • Creating a virtual avatar that reads neurofeedback and motion activity
  • Detailed report of a session

Features We Added

Website Features:
  • 11 main dynamic pages
  • Tab views for individual pages
  • About Us page with complete flow chart of the company hierarchy
  • Contact form for end users to get in touch with the support engineers
  • ChatBot integration - should enable end users to start conversation from every page
  • Every page to boast at least some eye-catching animations to give a fillip to user experience
  • Sub pages for some main pages
  • Customized plugins for design enhancement
Mobile Features:
  • SIgnup/ login feature
  • Edit profile
  • Start, pause, resume and stop feature
  • Sub pages for some main pages
  • Virtual assistant to display audio visual feedback
  • Shake phone to connect to Bluetooth headset
  • Detailed report of a session


Virtual Assistant Implementation

Implementing Virtual Assistant feature for this app was a first for Green Apex. Our web development experts dedicated extra effort and time to brainstorm the solution as it was a must to make it stand out among the rest.

ChatBot Integration on the website

Implementing ChatBot hadn’t seemed like a challenge at the beginning. However, like it often happens, midway through the project, we realised there were certain issues associated with the integration. Our Integration Experts made the most of their JSON knowledge and came up with the simplest solution for having this feature added to the website.

“We had a great experience working with Green Apex Technolabs. Their approach, communication, methodologies - everything was very systematic. Also, we didn’t really face any issues with the development team because they were quite proficient”




Their vision was interesting and challenging at the same time. Like we said, the interface had to be made catchy and informative. It was the most effective way for our client to gain users for their apps. Hence, we took the help of our in-house development and design experts for the development of the website.


The same was applicable for mobile app as well. They needed to ensure that their users were happy with the information, reports, virtual experience and other tracking features. Also, making it responsive and simple to use were the two most important aspects of the Mobile App Development.



JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

 Language Support



Android OS Support:

Android 4.4 to Android 8.0


Java using Android Studio 3.4

Android Supported Devices:

480×800, 720×1280, 1080×1920, 1440×2560

Language Support:



  iOS OS Support: 

iOS 9.0 and Later


Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices: 

iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Language Support: 


Words from FocusBand CEO

“Our vision was complex and one of its kind. Hence, we needed a development partner that could not only envision the final product, but also plan it accordingly. We first asked for a prototype in order to understand their capability. I must mention here that their approach towards it was outstanding.”


This project in itself came as a challenge to us. So when we took on the prototyping work, we knew we had to give it our best. Our web developers and leadership didn’t disappoint us and put extra efforts to present our client with the most effective yet simple prototype for their vision. This eventually led us to winning the opportunity and implementing the same.

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