On-demand Medicine Delivery App

What is MeraChemist ?

MeraChemist is a on-demand Medicine Delivery App that aims at creating a communication channel between pharmacies and patients. The solution by Green Apex Technolabs comes with customers’ app and delivery driver app to transport medicines from pharmacies to people in need.


MeraChemist is a leading pharmaceutical startup that aims at creating a communication channel between pharmacies and patients. What they required to turn this idea into reality was an efficient and intuitive web as well as mobile development solution which would allow their users to have the medicines delivered to their doorstep. Green Apex offered them precisely the same.

The App has two different interfaces for customers and drivers based on their needs. In addition, it has an admin panel for keeping a track of all the orders. The apps are created to cater to different needs of the target end users. In short, this Medicine Delivery App has made it easy for Indian Customers to order and have the medicines delivered to their doorsteps.

Client Requirement

The client’s aim was to make it easy for patients to get instant delivery services. It was their idea to create an App and Website for Indian Customers to connect with pharmacies in real time. Green Apex understood their vision.

Mera Chemist
Together,they concluded the following requirements:
  • Separate Register/ login page for customers, drivers, and admins
  • Calling option for customers to know delivery partner’s current location
  • Real time tracking
  • Notification and alerts
  • Adding addresses
  • Call requestor for driver

Features We Added

Like we already mentioned, client’s demand was to have 3 different intuitive interfaces for 3 types of end users. Hence, we further analysed and divided the requirements into 3 diverse categories. Plus, we added some extra features based on our experience with handling such projects in the past. Let’s have a thorough look at how we achieved this.

For Customers:
  • Signup with email or Facebook
  • View and edit profile
  • Showing estimated delivery time
  • Call option to contact delivery partner
  • Google maps integration for tracking order status
  • Add city and subsequently, multiple addresses
  • Notifications and alerts for every progress of the order and delivery
  • Listing of nearby pharmacies along with images and names of medicines
  • Payment gateway (Paypal)
  • Option to cancel the order
  • Review and Rate the experience
For Delivery Partner:
  • Edit profile option
  • Notification for new delivery request
  • Request to call the customer
  • Pickup details comprising pickup location, delivery location and payment type
For Admin:
  • Manage orders
  • Manage addresses for customers
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Add, Remove or Change Delivery Partner
  • Manage users, their profiles, and information for customers and delivery partners
  • Provide special offers, promo code, and discounts


Managing Medicine Selection

The client wished to have a feature that would allow the users to add medicines to the cart from different pharmacies. This was a major challenge. However, our experts dedicated extra hours and came up with a suitable solution.

3rd Normalization Form

The client wanted us to design the Admin interface in 3rd Normalization Form. It was something that we hadn’t implemented before. However, our senior developers boasted enough experience to brainstorm the right solution for this challenge.

“When we started out looking for developers, we hardly had any idea about the latest technologies. We weren’t technically that strong. Hence, we required a team that would take care of everything starting from converting the idea to requirements to actually implementing it. While we evaluated many teams, Green Apex came up with the most exciting concept and solution. We had a hunch that they could pull it off right from the beginning.”




Our in-house Android Developers possess more than 3 years of experience in designing and developing Apps on Android Studio. They took 3 months of time to come up with the final product for both Customer and Delivery partner interface. They indeed faced issues such as real-time tracking of drivers, product listing, cancel order feature, etc. However eventually, our Android Experts offered the effective solution for all the issues.

Android App Development Services


With Web Development, the most prominent issues are integration, browser compatibility, and CMS. Our PHP and MySQL Developers had faces them as well. Moreover, the idea of the App was not straightforward. Hence, they had to make the most of their past experience. For integration, they preferred using JSON while for the CMS part, they settled for PHP and MySQL. This development ran in parallel to the Android one. Hence, we managed to wrap the entire development work up within a space of 3 months.


Android OS support: 

Android 4 to 5.3 and above, Portrait Only


Core Java 

Android Supported Devices:

800*480, 1280*720, 1920*1080



API: JSON format

Supported Browser: 

Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version 

Google Chrome : Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version

Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari : Min version 8.0 to Max version 9.1

Words from MeraChemist CEO

“Green Apex team has been the right choice for us. They built the App and Website in time, which was our primary concern. Communication too has never been a matter of worry for us. The Developers made sure we remained on top of the delivery status. The Project Manager ensured perfection of the product, which we highly appreciate. Overall, it has been a great experience for the entire MeraChemist team.”



Our team of Android and PHP Developers successfully implemented the entire solution. We are happy that our client was content with the overall output of the development. This is the prime aim of Green Apex technolabs; we strive to turn ideas to success stories no matter how challenging they seem at first.

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