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What is Elkay Plastics ?

Elkay Plastics is a California based flexible packaging solutions provider company which was founded way back in 1968. Their aim is to serve the foodservice, healthcare and industrial markets with the highest quality products. For achieving the same, they needed an enterprise resource planning system to better handle their back office business processes. Green Apex understood their requirement and offered a web-based cloud solution that took care of their business processes and maintained a smooth flow of data within the organisation.


Elkay Plastics has 8 strategically located divisions stocking over 3000 items that are sold exclusively to wholesale distributors. Providing their customers with the best possible experience would come with a bigger concern of maintaining the data, they knew right from the beginning. Plus, they had to ensure the utmost privacy of the same. Hence, when they approached us, we knew what would go down well with their vision: a cloud platform.

Elkay needed two different interfaces – one for Distributors and another for admin. Since their aim was to cater to the packaging needs of wholesale distributors, it was incumbent on us to build them an intuitive interface for the same. Also, for admins, they needed a simple yet informative interface that would help them track, manage, and fetch every order detail with ease. A cloud platform was the solution that our client and we agreed upon to build for achieving the same.

Client Requirement

What Elkay Plastics wanted was not straightforward. Implementing a cloud solution could be in trend but going about the same is challenging. We knew it from the beginning. However, it was our aim to offer them a solution which aligned with their vision. Hence, we got together to brainstorm the requirements and break them down into small tasks for our in-house web developers:

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  • Separate register/ login for Distributors and Admins
  • Ability to search and select available products
  • 2 different interfaces
  • Track one’s orders
  • Inventory management for admins
  • Customized filters on products
  • Product quality and certification information against every product

Features We Added

For Distributors
  • Register/login page
  • Listing of all products
  • Ability to search product
  • Ability to cancel order
  • Ability to customize filters on Product Listing Page
  • Ability to view detailed description of products
  • Online payment and tracking of the same
  • Ability to Bulk Order
  • Ability to connect with Support Executive for help with orders and product information
For Admin:
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to add, update, delete product data
  • Fields to update quality and certification information on Product pages
  • Ability to update orders
  • Ability to track and cancel orders on users’ behalf
  • Ability to run regular scans on inventory data to check for new additions/updates


Automating daily scan on inventory data

Initially running the daily scan was a manual task. That was client’s requirement. However, we thought having it as an automatic process would enhance their quality of data as well as reduce human error. This was difficult to achieve provided this needed a lot of customization of the existing code. However, our Java Developers made the most of their tech knowledge in order to deliver the enhancement on time.

Role-based Interface Change

As per the client’s requirement, the app was to have 2 utterly different interfaces based on user role. The options as well as the display page had to look utterly different for Distributors and Admins. Also, we had to hide certain functionalities for Distributors depending on their role. This was a challenging task initially until we broke it down into 2 simple requirements and used user role security policy to segregate the views based on user roles.

“Every time Green Apex came across a problem, they offered us a solution too. That’s the best thing about their work culture. They never really gave up on any challenging requirement; moreover, they added up some more in order to enhance the functionality of the platform. We would love to recommend their development services to all.”



The web-based cloud platform was a challenge for Green Apex and we accepted the same right from the beginning. However, every challenge makes way for a solution; we make this a part of our vision and mission at Green Apex. Hence, our in-house Java and MySQL experts brainstormed the best possible solution for our client and implemented the same within a time frame of 3 months.

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JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from Elkay Plastics CEO

“The requirements we had were not easy to implement; we knew that. However, there was no way we could compromise on the functionality of the app either. Hence, we knew precisely what we were looking for. When Green Apex approached us with their solution, we could almost see the challenges they would face down the line. Trusting them could have been a risk on our part, yes, but we must say we are glad that we did. They effectively found a solution for every problem.”



It was our second project on cloud solution. However, this solution was utterly customized to fit in our client’s vision. Hence, it comprised many snags which eventually led to some challenges that our in-house developers and leaders faced. Eventually, we came up with solutions for all such tech snags that were accepted by our client and implemented successfully by our Web Development Experts.

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