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What is DSYH ?

DSYH aims at making it easy for sellers to ease operations on diverse marketplaces. They reduce manual data entry errors through the implementation of Payment Reconciliation. Green Apex offered them a solution that fit into their vision and resulted in a simple yet intuitive eCommerce Solution Website meant solely for finance-based services.


As one of the leading eCommerce Solution Providers, DSYH has to handle millions of transactions for thousands of sellers across the country. Naturally it is a challenge for them to maintain data security at the same time handle them with ease. Their unique vision of making the eCommerce system more transparent could only be achieved with an equally distinctive Web Development solution.

DSYH wished for a simple, informative and animated design for their website. Plus, they needed a sign up page that would propel end users to register for their services. We knew the vision was not quite straightforward to fulfil, however, we had a vague idea as to what solution they required. We let our in-house Web Developers take over and brainstorm the requirements along with the client.

Client Requirement

Bringing dynamic designs to a website is always a bit challenging on the developers’ part. However, this feature makes the website intuitive as well as attractive. Our client was pretty clear on what they wanted. Hailing from development background, the founders even helped us understand every little feature the website should incorporate. Together, our developers and they brainstormed the detailed requirements:

  • Sign up forms
  • Website dropdowns
  • Dynamic forms
  • ChatBot Integration
  • Plugin customization
  • Dynamic pages
  • Mobile responsive pages
  • Animations and video integration
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Features We Added

The website boasted multiple dynamic pages. The functionality of which needed to be powered by plugins and dropdowns. Our client wanted the user experience to be as straightforward as possible. But at the same time, they wanted them to stay on the website and sign up for their services. With WordPress, it’s not difficult to attain an easy interface. But making it engaging takes real expertise. Our in-house PHP and MySQL Developers knew precisely what to offer them. Let’s have a thorough look at how we went about this development.

Website Features
  • 7 main dynamic pages - home, about, features, solutions and contact, Get Demo, Choose Plan
  • The homepage to boast flowcharts and animations to show a brief overview of all services
  • The About page talks about the team, their growth, and career opportunities through videos, images and animations
  • Features page comprises all that they offer to the sellers
  • Solutions page to categorize their solutions by business type, business issue, and seller category
  • Contact page to help end users get in touch with the client
  • Get Demo page to have a contact form with required fields to help users request for a demo of their offered services
  • Choose Plan displays a sign up form which eventually leads their users to take the plunge
  • ChatBot integration - should enable end users to start conversation from every page
  • Every page to boast at least some eye-catching animations to give a fillip to user experience
  • Customized plugins for design enhancement


Customizing each page to diversify user experience

When you go by the theme for every page, the development gets easy and time required is less. However, our client wanted every page to be customized in order to enhance the user experience. This eventually led to mounting effort on our developers’ part and need for complex coding.

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Plugin customization

We know there are readymade plugins out there for every design enhancement. However, every plugin needs proper customization for offering the best of its functionalities. Our in-house PHP Developers knew this would be a challenge. However, to meet the standards of our promised solution, it was absolutely necessary. Hence, with the right leadership, experienced developers, and extensive research we finally attained the same.

ChatBot Integration

We had implemented ChatBot before. However, every project comes with its own challenges. To the client, it was mandatory. We knew our skills would not fall short in order to implement this and hence, we took on the challenge. We were right. Our Integration Experts made the most of their JSON knowledge and came up with the simplest solution for having this feature added to the website.

“We were always on top of the development process. Boasting a development background, I could see where they were heading and understand their approach towards it. I must say that they are a streamlined company. Starting from difficulties to minor delays to bugs encountered, we were never kept in the dark. However, what made me believe in them was the fact that almost always they had a solution for a challenge. Their approach to the challenges is what makes them stand out among the crowd.”



We developed the website from scratch. However much it looked like a simple solution at first, when we dived in we realised there would be challenges. We agreed to complete the project in 2 months. And delaying it further was not an impression we wanted to give out to them. Hence, we decided to put extra effort on our part to pull off the development in the given time. We were happy that the solution met their expectations and helped them cater to the needs of their customers.





Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from DSYH CEO

“We told them right at the beginning what we envisioned for our website. The requirements looked easy when we discussed them but coming to implementation, we soon realised they needed to be modified to fit into the ultimate goal. Accordingly, we thought Green Apex would require more time to implement the same. But surprisingly, they delivered the solution on the very same day as we had agreed upon earlier. We were impressed by their commitment.”



This project had come with some unique challenges. However, we took on them because we believed our developers could work around them and implement the project successfully. We were proved right. The project was delivered successfully on time and we added another happy client to our portfolio. 

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