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What is FusePLM ?

FusePLM – a leading US-based tech startup builds their own PLM software in the most time and cost-effective ways using Green Apex MongoDB and Java developers.

Customer Background

FusePLM is presently one of the largest Dallas-based software startups which provides product lifecycle software management solutions to small and mid-sized companies ranging across diverse industries such as engineering, mechanical, electronic and manufacturing. It helps companies streamline their product lifecycle and bring the products to market faster.

Challenges we faced

Building a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software on Amazon Web Services was not easy for FusePLM to attain. They boasted a group of front-end developers who could take care of the UI but lacked resources to help them with the overall development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

They predominantly decided to focus on the following challenges -
  • Need for a highly skilled and experienced team of developers to work on Amazon Web Services platform
  • Expertise needed to Build and manage their backend code using Java technology and be able to manage and optimize their backend database system using MongoDB
  • Improved project management to ensure seamless communication and real-time feedback on delivery and bug-fixing
  • Need for a cost-effective yet stable solution offering high quality and performance
‘‘Green Apex was the most qualified option for our project. Being a bootstrapped company, the cost was a major factor for us. Green Apex has not only built our MVP in the most cost-effective way but also offered our product quality and stability.’’

Shreyas Bhat, Cofounder


FusePLM evaluated 3-4 teams by giving them each a 1-week project. In the end, an adept team of MongoDB developers and the core focus on Java propelled them to zero in on Green Apex. They deployed Green Apex services to build a user-friendly and intuitive PLM software, achieve stability with existing code and database, and attain cost optimization.

1. A simplified PLM software

  • Easy Change Management system with cards-based workflows
    • Drag and drop card system to change workflow state
    • Notification to change orders
    • Clear visual understanding of any bottlenecks in change workflow
    • Impact visualizer to help users deduce the impact of implementing the change
  • Time optimization in handling change orders
  • Intuitive Bill-of-Materials (BOM) view for engineering and procurement teams
    • Indented multi-level view
    • Easy comparison of BOM quantities to measure shortage, thus helping procurement team make purchasing decisions
  • Ability to bulk upload files to FusePLM cloud
    • CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats are supported
    • Link sharing with external partners without giving them access to the internal database
  • A virtual assistant to help with all the tedious tasks such as change order approvals, creating action items etc
  • A to-do list to help stay organized and promote seamless collaboration

2. Enhancement and support for existing code and database

  • Optimization of backend database using MongoDB
  • Making the most of Java to streamline the existing backend code
  • Adopting JIRA as a project management tool to ease as well as step up the sprint and requirement management process
  • Tracking bugs on JIRA thus ensuring a more organized system and on-time delivery

3. Cost and time optimization

  • Introduction of the tool JIRA brought an upward trend in the business thus ramping up quality, performance, stability, and productivity
  • With increased productivity and zero time wasted in manual handling of sprints, requirements and defects, ample time was saved, and thus, cost optimization could easily be attained


According to FusePLM team, optimization of time and cost while maintaining a stable system, as well as effective and seamless communication with Green Apex developers, have been a significant win from this project. Following benefits only strengthen their statement further.

  • Overall development and project management cost reduced by 50%
  • Ample time saved in requirement gathering, sprint management, defect fixing, and delivery
  • Effort savings of 100+ man-hours per month because of a more streamlined process using JIRA
  • Happy customers sharing positive feedback in terms of stability, performance and quality

Words From Our Happy Client

‘‘Apart from their regular development and bug-fixing activities, Green Apex team also ensured that the overall project management process was improved. They introduced their best practices as well as an effective tool JIRA to our company, thus helping us improve our productivity and business. We are happy we chose Green Apex for our backend development.’’

Shreyas Bhat, CEO.

Future plans

The engagement started in 2016 with only 2 initial fixed-cost projects. However, FusePLM’s trust in Green Apex only grew stronger with time. With a transparent project management system and on-time delivery, the engagement never ceased. The FusePLM team plans to optimize their system further by improving the PLM software, thus ending up gaining more satisfied customers. And to achieve that, they believe they should only rely on Green Apex.

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