SaaS-based Tool for boosting Website Sales

What is ConversionMonk ?

ConversionMonk- a leading South American tech startup creates their own SaaS-based tool using Green Apex HTML, CSS3 and Java developers through a streamlined, collaborative and persistent delivery experience.

Customer Background

ConversionMonk is one of the largest Santiago-based Tech Startups which boosts website sales and conversions for enterprises ranging across diverse industries. It provides them with a SaaS-based tool which tracks website visitors’ behavior and responds automatically in real time with targeted content, messages and offers.


ConversionMonk knew that the notion of offering a means to increase sales of websites was groundbreaking yet demanding. Creating a SaaS-based tool with the required technical competency was not easy for them to attain. They needed a potent team to augment their existing team of developers. Their primary aim was to strengthen the backend development team. The major challenges they faced were-

  • Lack of a highly skilled and experienced team with in-depth knowledge in SaaS technologies and solutions
  • Need for expertise in –
    • Managing and enhancing the existing Java-based stack
    • Incorporating new features using Java Enterprise Edition Platform
    • Optimizing the frontend with a professional as well as intuitive look using HTML and CSS3
  • Meeting internal project timelines while maintaining performance and quality through real-time feedback on delivery and bug-fixing
  • A cost-effective SaaS solution that offers users a friendly platform with no need of coding
‘‘We were impressed by the technical competency shown by Green Apex team after they delivered the sample project. We just knew that they could complete the task. Their developers have augmented our internal team in the most efficient way. Green Apex has brought quality, performance and stability to our product.’’


ConversionMonk posted their requirements on various online platforms to select the best talent among thousands. The shortlisted ones were given a sample project. In the end, the diverse technical skill sets, timely delivery and seamless communication propelled them to go for Green Apex. They deployed Green Apex services to attain an user-friendly SaaS-based solution, create, enhance and manage a Java Enterprise Edition based stack, and achieve cost optimization.

1. An user-friendly SaaS-based solution

  • A tool that improves website conversions without the help of developers
    • Hundreds of available designs to customize messages and contents
    • Ability to select lightbox popups, web-bar and sidebar notifications
    • Targeting and segmenting visitors based on marketing campaign and geography
    • Detailed analysis of campaign views, clicks and conversions to help make data-driven decisions
  • A solution that offers startups an effective way to generate more leads and sales
  • The ability to catch bouncing visitors on their way out with a targeted offer
  • A means to execute targeted campaigns to increase the time spent on websites
  • Reduced cart abandonment rate

Now, since we are discussing the effectiveness of SaaS solutions, why not check out the trend of SaaS companies established in the last 5 years?


As per our research from a study by BetterBuys, the rate of SaaS companies founded has increased exponentially in the past few years. Nearly 40% of them comprise Marketing Organisations. This number is closely followed by Management Industry and Business Operations. Keeping the trend in mind, we decided to offer ConversionMonk a SaaS solution that would fructify.

2. A Java Enterprise Edition based stack caked with intuitive UI

  • Optimization of backend code using Java Enterprise Edition
  • Using HTML and CSS3 to enhance the performance, stability and demeanour of the UI
  • Adopting JIRA as a project management tool to ease as well as step up the sprint and requirement management process
  • An adept team of developers that deliver on time, communicate efficiently and blend well with the in-house team despite being in remote location
  • Suggesting new features and SaaS-based solutions while keeping technical feasibility in mind, thus improving the scalability of existing tool

3. Cost and time optimization

  • Use of the tool JIRA brought an upward trend in project management, thus ensuring on-time delivery and an error-free product
  • With increased productivity and a team that always maintained punctuality, ample time was saved, and thus, cost optimization was easily attained


According to ConversionMonk team, meeting the timeline of the project through error-free delivery and seamless communication as well as enhancing the quality and performance of the product with Green Apex developers, have been a noteworthy win from this project. Following benefits only reinforce their utterance further.


  • Overall development cost reduced by 45%
  • Ample time saved in requirement gathering, sprint management, defect fixing, and delivery with augmentation of their internal team
  • Effort savings of 150+ man-hours per month because of timely delivery, less defects and stable product
  • Happy customers gained through improvement in scalability, performance and quality.

Words From Our Happy Client

‘‘Green Apex delivers good results. Even though the team is situated in a different location, they’ve blended well with our internal team. The developers are not only adept but are punctual and positive about their work. They introduced their best SaaS solutions and services to our company, thus helping us improve our product and offerings. We are happy we chose Green Apex for both our backend and frontend development.’’


Future plans

The engagement commenced in 2016. They initially hired backed developers. Impressed with their technical competence, they went on to hire a frontend developer as well. ConversionMonk was highly satisfied with the way Green Apex team has blended with theirs through effective communication. With a streamlined SaaS solution and on-time delivery, the engagement never ceased. Their team plans to optimize their tool further by incorporating new features and services, thus gaining more satisfied customers. They believe they should count on Green Apex to attain the same.

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