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What is Corpository ?

Corpository is an online platform that aims to provide an easily accessible and well organized repository of information of over 1900000 Companies and 3000000 Directors on the fly. Gone are those days when you had to run through multiple unsystematic documents of information to get that one useful detail at the right time. With Corpository, all you need is a website to search for corporates and directors. And you are good to go!  Green Apex realised their vision from the inception and offered them an apt solution.


Corpository aimed at helping users starting from professionals, businessmen, researchers, job seekers and students by providing them a platform that would store bountiful information on the corporate world.

The website was to be a simple yet informative one. Besides, the backend was an important and powerful part of this project. When you build a search engine, it’s your database and the integration of the same is all that matters. Hence, we had to be very careful while carving out solutions for them.

Client Requirement

Our client was very clear on their requirements. They explained their vision to us. It was the first search engine based website that we were to build. However, we took it as an exciting challenge and got to brainstorming the solution. Together we concluded the following requirements – 

  • Login/Register
  • Forgot password
  • Contact us page
  • About us page
  • Roughly 10 pages pertaining to the information on what they offer
  • Dynamic pages to make the navigation and user experience better
  • Home page acting as a search engine
  • Moderate animations to enhance the look and feel

Features We Added

Website interface:
  • 7 main pages to be displayed on the website
  • Over Sub-pages to be displayed when hovered over the main pages
  • Login/ Register for users
  • Password reset for users
  • Home page to act as search engine
  • Integration with database
  • Animation to make the interface catchy - images, maps and moderate animations


Search engine implementation

It was the first time we implemented the idea of a search engine. It was challenging and our experts took a little time to understand and analyse the requirements for the same. However, we implemented it within the given time without posing any delay on the overall delivery time.

Authentication for login/register

It was an essential aspect of the development. Whenever login/ register is involved, it is a must to ensure that privacy is highly maintained. Our previous experience in this aspect helped a lot. Even though this solution was a little different, the implementation of secure authentication was attained in due course.

“Green Apex made the overall development experience even better for us. Initially we were a bit skeptical as they were new in business. However, once we took the call and the work started, at every stage, they surprised us with their expertise and experience. The developers were very well groomed and trained. We were very happy with the outcome.”



There were many dynamic pages on the website. Plus, we had to implement the most challenging feature of all that is the search engine. However, our experienced business professionals, leadership and development experts ensured that we put the best effort in the project and completed the solution in a timeline of 5 weeks.



JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from Corpository CEO

“The vision of Corpository was very special to us. We were out to offer something which we knew would benefit a wider range of internet users. Hence, we also had a notion about the associated challenges. Green Apex handled them in the best way possible. We are glad we went for them in the first place.”



See what our client thinks about us. That’s what we always strive to achieve by the end of a project delivery. It is our clients’ happiness and satisfaction with the product that matters to us. Corpository was no different and we attained that at last.

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