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What is ABAPIT ?

ABAPIT is a website providing technology-based services with their headquarters in the UK. When they started off as a bootstrapped company, they knew they needed an attractive website to leave a mark on the tech industry.Green Apex offered them a solution that fit into their vision and resulted in a simple yet intuitive Website meant solely for tech-based services.


ABAPIT is one of the emerging  Software Development Companies headquartered in the UK. Comprising a team of scientists, developers, and engineers, they set out to build a brand about their services. However, budget and time were their primary concern being a startup. When they approached us, they gave us clear requirements about what they wanted. Green Apex Technolabs promised them a timeline and budget pertaining to the information. The product was delivered with perfect adherence to the committed time and cost.

The website was created for users to discover, explore, and request services from the company. Our client wanted a simple interface for end users to easily navigate through the website and select the service they were looking for. Naturally, our aim was to avoid superfluous design techniques and animation. However, that doesn’t mean the job was easy. Our experts had to brainstorm the most effective Web Development Solution in order to meet their expectations.

What our client wanted

ABAPIT wanted a simple website yet something that would cater to all the latest technology needs of the country. It was not only about listing the services on a website, it was about how tactfully we could present them. Having the end users stick around a website is the most difficult of all tasks. We knew that. So did our client since they boasted good technical knowledge. They approached us with the faith of receiving a fruitful solution. Hence, we had to turn to the best of our in-house PHP Experts and have them analyse the client’s vision.

Together, they concluded the below requirements:
  • Slider images on homepage
  • Mobile responsive pages
  • Website dropdowns
  • Dynamic forms
  • ChatBot Integration
  • Plugin customization
  • Dynamic pages

Features We Offered

The website boasted multiple dynamic pages. The functionality of which needed to be powered by plugins and dropdowns. Our client wanted the user experience to be as straightforward as possible. With WordPress, it’s not difficult to attain an easy interface. But making it intuitive takes real expertise. Our in-house PHP and MySQL Developers knew precisely what to offer them. Let’s have a thorough look at how we went about this development.

Website Features:
  • 4 main dynamic pages - home, about us, services and support
  • The homepage to boast sliders and animations to show a brief overview of all services
  • The About Us page to show company values, reputation, and history through animation and video
  • Services page to list all available tech-based services
  • Contact US page to present every piece of information in the most productive way possible
  • Contact US page to have a contact form with required fields
  • ChatBot integration - should enable end users to start conversation from every page
  • Every page to boast at least some eye-catching animations to give a fillip to user experience
  • Customized plugins for design enhancement

Challenges Faced

Slider on Homepage

Adding a slider on a page is not a difficult task. But having the images placed with correct resolution definitely is. Our WordPress Experts faced this challenge during the initial stage of the project development. However, with research and extra hours of effort, they cracked the right solution to achieve the best look and feel for the website.

Plugin customization

We know there are readymade plugins out there for every design enhancement. However, every plugin needs proper customization for offering the best of its functionalities. Our in-house PHP Developers knew this would be a challenge. However, to meet the standards of our promised solution, it was absolutely necessary. Hence, with the right leadership, experienced developers, and extensive research we finally attained the same.

ChatBot Integration

This was a first for us. And to the client, it was mandatory. We knew our skills would not fall short in order to implement this and hence, we took on the challenge. We were right. Our Integration Experts made the most of their JSON knowledge and came up with the simplest solution for having this feature added to the website.

“When we approached Green Apex, we had almost lost hope on the perfect solution. Earlier, we had discussed the vision with many WordPress Development Companies and Freelancers. But what they offered us were too simple and basic. Simplicity was desired on our part but we could never compromise on the effectiveness of the website. Hence, when Green Apex analysed the requirements so well, we sort of knew they were the right option for us.”




When ABAPIT requested for a quote, all they could present us with was a vague idea of the logo. Hence, the development was to be right from scratch. The client boasted technical knowledge but we could not expect a complete breakdown of all requirements. Therefore, we knew if we took up the project, we would have to build it right from zero. We took help of the best of our WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and Integration Experts only to come up with the best possible solution. The moment our client had a look at it, they were sure we could pull it off. It took us nearly one and a half month to deliver the complete solution as we had promised them.






JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from ABAPIT CEO
“We waited for them to come up with a solution. Honestly, after our previous experience with other service providers, we didn’t have much hope. Green Apex took their time and gave us a detailed presentation of what we could expect from their team of developers. Much to our surprise, we were impressed by it. So we decided to go with them.”



Like we stated in the beginning, this project had come with many challenges. However, we took on them because we believed our developers could work around them and implement the project successfully. We were not wrong. And that’s our biggest strength as one of the leading Web Development Solutions Provider in India. 

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