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When it comes to FAQs Web Development Services and Mobile App Development are the most trending subjects. However, we also answer your questions on hiring developers. In other words, you get answers to every question you might have. And if not, you can always contact us. We’ll give you a free call back.

What is your payment structure?
Our payment structure is simple, transparent, and flexible. It entirely depends on the Engagement Model you opt to go with and the size of the project. For starters, we usually take 30% advance of the Project Development cost.
What is the Lead time required to ramp up the resources?
We require you to provide us with a minimum of 3 business weeks of notice to ramp up the resources.
Will I have the complete control over developers I hire from your company?
We provide you with complete management power over the hired developers. Also, you can easily track the progress with our Project Management and Time Tracking tools.
How do we communicate and monitor the project development with our hired developer?
The procedure pertaining to your Project Development depends on the Communication Plan and the Engagement Model you choose. Click here to have an in-depth knowledge of the same.
How many days do you work per week?
We work 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) except on national holidays.
Do you provide resume of developers?
Yes, we do. However, at first we like to understand your project idea. With a thorough knowledge of your vision, we can provide you with our most efficient developers.
How much skilled and experienced are your developers?
We ensure that our developers are trained, certified, and always on top of the latest technologies, tools, and languages. While experience varies from one developer to another, skill is something they all are equipped with. It’s only after we have analysed your business requirements that we can present you with the right skills, talents, and solutions.
What will be the rates for smaller assignments?
Our payment rates depend on your business requirements. More often than not, a small assignment requires diverse technical competencies along with significant effort from our end. Hence, we prefer to offer the payment details only after our experts have analysed your requirements.
Will I be having a full time dedicated developer?
Yes, you can hire our developers as well as hire a development team depending upon your business requirement. Also, with our time tracking and project management tools, you can track the work done on a regular basis.
How can I view the online demo of Your Work?
Depending on your ask, we can arrange for a technical expert from our in-house team specialising in the particular domain. You will be presented with the online demo of our work by an adept technical genius at the suitable time of your choice. You can view our portfolio to know more about our work and client feedback.
How to locate the best Creative Web Design Development Company?
In order to locate the best Creative Web Design Development Company, at first you need to realise the following needs of your Web Development Project -
  • What you require as a customer from the company
  • What your Web App requires in terms of quality, skills, and technologies
As a customer, you must have control over the following aspects.
  • Effort and Time required against Effort and Time spent - In most cases, customers do not have a transparent visibility of this criteria. However, it is a must in order to gauge the progress. Green Apex offers you their Time Tracking and Project Management Tools so that the progress is at your fingertips.
  • Selecting Developers based on experience and skills - You must be able to choose which developers would work for your dream project. Hence, it is essential to select a Web Design Development Company that lets you to. Green Apex offers you the resumes of their top-notch in-house developers. It’s entirely in your hands to pick the resume that suits your needs best.
Your Web App, however, boasts greater expectations from the Web App Development Company.
  • Relevant experience -  Does the company you are discussing your project with holds relevant experience in the required domain? Also, can they offer your Web App as many features as an experienced one would? Get in touch with a deft Web Development Company before taking the plunge.
  • Continuous improvement - The project doesn’t end with the development of your Web App. It needs continuous tweaks for performance and quality improvement. Hence, hire a Web Design Development Company that possesses enough expertise to offer you such continual service.
I do not reside in India, Can we still work together?
We work with customers across the globe. Geographical and linguistic differences are not considered as barriers by our team of technical geniuses when it comes to implementing a project and communicating the progress. Also, we work around the diversity of timezone by choosing to work at a time that suits both our clients and developers. We have delivered more than 180+ applications across industrial vertical and global. Visit our website to know more.
What makes Green Apex Technolabs the best?
Our commitment towards on-time delivery, operation execution and creating the value in the services we deliver has led to deliver more than 180 + applications within the first few years when our company had begun. Our outsourcing and various partnership models have allowed us to get 85% projects from our existing clients. Check our website and portfolio to know more about us.
Why should I outsource to India and choose Green Apex for my service?
Outsourcing the implementation of your vision may seem like a daunting task. However, at Green Apex, our core value inherited among all the developers are on-time delivery, operation execution and creating value in all the services they deliver. We believe in building last client-relationship which has led us to retain 85% of our clients. Few of them have collaborated for partnership as well. Therefore, we ask you to have a look at our previous works here. We have worked with clients across the globe. Our Transparency and our certified PM have demonstrated the skill of handling the end-to-end development process of complex problems as well. Our Project Management tools and time tracking allow you to track your projects. Hence, we ensure seamless communication, transparent project management, and effective time and cost optimization through the latest tools and technologies. Check our various outsourcing models to know more.
What is a dynamic Website? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Dynamic Websites comprise Interactive Web Pages which change with time, location, and user type. Users, naturally, have more command over such websites. However, to comprehend its efficiency, we should have a look at its pros and cons.
  • Quick and Responsive - Dynamic Websites work well with changing screen size. In addition, they are quick and highly responsive. This is one of the best advantages of such websites over static ones.
  • Easy update - Dynamic Websites can be easily updated and modified as per the requirements of the customer. Hence, it is loved by businesses across various industries.
  • High Development Cost - The development cost incurred for building a Dynamic Website is pretty high. Also, hosting the same is not quite cost-effective. However, once live, they do not require additional cost for updates or modifications.
  • Slow processing - These Websites consist of a number of function and complex languages. Hence, over time they tend to slow down.
What is a static website? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Static Websites are made of a number of physical pages that in turn, comprise an array of coded files. They look much like an online brochure with forms and hyperlinks here and there. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of the same -
  • Cost effective - Static Websites can be developed at a cheaper price. Hence, it is apt for businesses with less budget for Web App.
  • Easy indexing - Google, Bing and other search engines can easily index Static Websites because they consist of only a series of HTML and CSS code files.
  • Difficult to update - Modifying the content of Static Websites is the most difficult job. It not only takes up a lot of time but produces less satisfactory results.
  • Less features - Static Websites can have some images, videos, and hyperlinks. However, they cannot have any responsive functions like Dynamic ones have. This, intrinsically, reduces the quality and performance of such Websites.
Can I myself make changes to website?
The required access and credentials are shared with you (the client) as soon as our team of experts have finished developing the website. During the Product Development Phase, we take n number of change requests pertaining to your requirements. However, it is advisable to not make changes to the website while our experts are at work. This might create unnecessary conflicts in the implementation of your vision. Nevertheless, your suggestions and requests for modification are always welcome.
Is my involvement required while you design website, if yes then how much?
We believe that every client wishes to be on top of the progress of their Project. Also, there are times when our Developers need your input on a specific aspect of the Product Development. Hence, we make sure that our Project Team is in constant touch with you. Also, if requested from your end, we arrange for daily meetings between your team and ours in order to keep the entire process transparent. However, the extent of involvement is decided based on your consent. The aim is to keep the ball rolling without any communication difficulty.
How often will you be reporting to me regarding progress of my website?
We follow a streamlined process for Development as well as Communication. We realise that you would like to be posted on the progress of your website on a regular basis. Our Project Management Tools have made it easy for not only us but our clients as well. We offer pellucid progress tracker tools as well as daily meetings so that no update is ever missed from either end. The frequency, however, often depends upon the need or urgency of either side. Hence, our process is flexible enough to mend itself to cater to your needs.
Will I be able to add more features to my website at a later stage?
Throughout the Project Development Process, we welcome modification requests from our clients. Hence, you can add new features at any point before it is made live.
I have a website, can you just design it better?
Yes, we have developed such a website which had initial wireframe ready. Our technical experts would have a thorough look at your website to analyse the areas that need improvement. Also, we would provide you with the most effective solution based on our experience of working with some top-notch clients across the world. Once you give us the go ahead, we can get on with enhancing your website with latest technologies and tools.
What is bad in hiring a freelancer, he also makes website?
You are right. Freelancers also make websites. However, do you know how much you are putting at stake by hiring a freelancer?
  • Loyalty is of the utmost importance when it comes to hiring a developer. Nevertheless, freelancers are only loyal to projects that get them the most money. Hence, by hiring them, you are almost never assured that they are giving their entire effort into your project.
  • Freelancers work for more than one client at a time. Yes, hiring them does save your development cost significantly. However, you lack a means to track how much time and effort they dedicate to your product development. Whereas hiring dedicated developers from a leading Web Development Company ensures trust, loyalty, and productivity.
  • You have little to almost no control over freelancers. They work as per the contract. For every added change, they charge extra. But an established Web Development Company makes sure that the output not only meets your expectations but goes beyond that. And to achieve that, they do not charge an extra penny from what is written in the contract.
Can you develop website for users of languages other than English?
Yes. Our developers would love to help you with developing websites for languages other than English. Green Apex Team is equipped with all the latest tools, technologies, and trending languages. Therefore, we excel at offering solutions that suit your needs best. Linguistic or Geographical barriers have always failed to hold the innovations of our experts back.
How much does a website design or programming cost?
While we promise an entirely transparent Development Cost structure, it always varies depending upon the requirements, extent of customization, and required time and effort from our end. Hence, instead of a rough estimate, we prefer scheming out a final one after thorough discussion of your vision.
How long does it take for a website design to be completed?
The time required to design a Website varies highly based upon the needs of the same. While some take several months, others are done within an iota of time. It is advisable that you provide us with a clear idea of your project. Thereafter, we will send you a detailed proposal stating the time required.
Do you integrate payment gateway system?
Of course, we do. In fact, our adept team of integration experts offer you the most effective solutions when it comes to incorporating a Payment Gateway System. For further queries, we can always get into a call to discuss your requirements.
Do you list projects pertaining to referred clients in your portfolio?
Yes. We enlist our clients and corresponding projects in the Portfolio Section of our website. However, we make sure the client's name as well as their product name is not disclosed.
What are the services Green Apex is providing?
Green Apex Technolabs lets you hire its top-notch developers with expertise across various platforms and technologies including Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Java, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, UI/UX designing, WordPress Development, QA/Manual/Automation Testing and many more. Get in touch to know more. Please get in touch in order to know more.
Are you flexible enough adopting our standards or methodologies?
Our Developers are well-trained and equipped to adapt to the latest standards and methodologies. In fact, we have, for over a decade, worked with various clients from diverse locations boasting several technologies, tools, and paradigms.
How can I Assure that I am not wasting my time and money?
We understand that only our words cannot provide you with abundant assurance. Hence, we suggest that you take the time to have a look at the works our deft team of developers have delivered in the past. Please click here to check out our best works.
How can I trust your productivity and charges to me?
Our overall payment structure is transparent. In addition, for you to track the productivity of hired developers, we provide you with Project Management and Time Tracking tools. Hence, the effort and time deployed is always accessible for you to check.
Do you provide trial services before giving out big project?
Sure, we do. However, that entirely depends on the requirements, customisation required, and effort and time needed from our end. We suggest that you get in touch with us for a detailed discussion regarding the same.
How Green Apex Maintain confidentiality?
As soon as the final discussion regarding your project is completed, we send you a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed. Subsequently, Green Apex signs the document. This ensures that confidentiality is always maintained when you work with Green Apex.
What is the process for hiring a developer from Green Apex?
We have various outsourcing models for hiring a developer. Our flexible model’s have let our client benefit from them. It offers the simplest and most transparent pricing system. It goes through a number of steps such as requirement analysis, inspecting candidate, assessment, contract, execution, and feedback. It is advisable to have a thorough look at the engagement model and its benefits here.
Will my hired developers able to speak English or any other language?
All our developers are proficient in speaking English.
Would you replace developer if I’m not satisfied with him/her?
Green Apex Team comprises experts in diverse technologies, tools, and latest languages. We ensure that you are always offered best of the talents in the industry. However, in case you are not satisfied with the one offered to you, we will replace the developer with a more experienced and skilled one. Also, we do share their resume and conduct interview rounds before you hire them.
What other soft skills developers bring to the table?
Our team of efficient developers are adeptly trained on communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills. We understand what skills are required to offer you the utmost efficiency in terms of Mobile and Web Development. However, our team is also well-versed on adopting any latest methodologies as per your company rules and standards.
What if the developer takes a day off, vacation or leaves the company?
There might be a chance of emergency during the development process. However, we ensure that it has no impact on your project implementation. We possess a number of in-house developers adeptly trained in a specific technology and skill. Hence, one being absent would fail to affect the progress of your development.
Will I own source code produced during project ?
The source code produced during project development is shared with our clients once the product is ready and approved by them. The code, thereafter, would be owned by you.
What kind of facilities and equipment do you have? How fast is your Internet connection?
Green Apex is equipped with high-powered technologies and infrastructure such as strong Internet services, Biometric access, Firewall security, Regular storage, Backup services, High-end workstations, Video conferencing, Training facilities, and Staging services. We ensure that our internet connection is seamless and fast powered by multiple internet service providers.
What is the minimum amount of developers I have to hire?
You can hire as less as only one developer and as many as you require to build a team of experts.
Is there a way that I can see previous technical work done by that prospective employee and how much time each of those projects took?
We understand it’s not easy to rely on a developer for your dream project based only on word of mouth. Hence, we assure you that we would not only provide you with a list of previous technical works including solutions offered, scope of work, time taken, etc implemented by the concerned developer but also (if required) connect you with them in order for you to judge their technical skills. You can view our portfolio and client feedback to know more.
I can solve most in-house problems fast enough not to hamper the implementation. How will I be able to work things out with my Offshore team?
Yes, we agree that interacting with the in-house team is relatively easy. Hiring a set of Offshore Developers, hence, worry many clients. That is the reason we have strived over the years to attain the best of equipments, technologies, and tools in order to offer the most effective solutions to our clients. Seamless communication, Flexible time management, high-end security services, and quality development solutions are the key factors that make us stand out among the rest.
Is the difference in time zones a problem?
For Green Apex, it has never been a problem. Our team of experts understand your need for interacting with them on a regular basis and hence, we can assure you that our developers would implement your project at a time that suits you well.
If I wish to visit Offshore Development Place, is it possible?
Yes, it is. Green Apex office is equipped with every infrastructure, means of communication, and high-end security structure. We would definitely encourage you to visit our office.
Is it possible to add or remove resources during the tenure of a contract?
We understand your concern. The requirement of the project varies from time to time. So does the need for developers. We focus on the betterment of your product. To achieve the same, if we need to add or remove developers, we do so. However, we would like you to get in touch for a free consultation from our industry experts to know more.
Is testing incorporated as a component within your pricing structure?
Every website or app once developed needs to go through some test cases. The quality and performance of your product are as crucial to us as they are to you. Hence, we never make untested products available to your customers. The basic tests are always incorporated within the pricing structure.
Would you help us in providing the consultation before starting the project?
Yes, we do conduct a free consultation call held by our industry experts before you decide on starting the project. We let you make the choice as to whether our virtuoso's can cater to your project needs. Get in touch for arranging a free consultation call.
What business models do you offer?
We offer diverse business models that can efficiently fit into your business needs. Starting from a simple Fixed Price Model to an Agile Model to the Dedicated Developer Model. Hence, we would encourage you to check our various models to know more.
What is your team strength?
We are boasting over 70 experienced developers with expertise in various technologies and tools.
Do you face any limitations with different time zones of clients?
We haven’t faced any to date. Geographical differences can hardly have an impact on our zest to deliver you the best service.
What is your experience in terms of project completions?
We have worked for 180 plus clients. We have delivered applications for various industrial verticals across the globe. Our solutions have profited our client globally and they have gained high returns. You can check our portfolio’s to know more about our work and client feedback.
What would be covered in the free support period?
We would be monitoring the performance of your product during this period. We realise how important it is for you to hold on to the best of quality. The quality and performance of any product, in turn, root in the absence of defects in it. We ensure that any defect arising from the development phase is taken care of by our support experts.
What is your ideal project management process?
The Project Management Process highly depends on the Engagement Model that you choose. The idleness of the process is, hence, reliant on the following factors -
  • Scope of project
  • Budget
  • Extent of clarity on schedule and features
  • Your involvement in the management process
  • Control required from your end
It is advisable that we get into a discussion on the above-mentioned factors. Thereafter, we’d help you decide which model suits your needs most.
Would you help us to set up a server?
We’d be happy to help. We have experts in our team who can identify the requirements specifically for your server. Get in touch with us for scheduling a free consultation call to know more.
What will be the escalation method, if required?
Our escalation method is transparent. Every project has a dedicated project manager who, in turn, reports to our technical head or CTO. You are free to get in touch with either of them throughout the development phase.
Are you able to write the scope pertaining to the project?
Yes, we do. But first we need to understand the same through a detailed discussion with you. Subsequently, we present you with a neat and crisp scope of project.
I’m not having an idea for an app, can you help me?
Yes, we do provide you a free consultation on your business idea and give your direction based upon our industrial experience till date. Our experience in the field of technology enables us to offer the best of Development Solutions which, in turn, lets you witness your objective clearly.
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