Infrastructure At Green Apex

As our saying goes, ‘We Cook Your Idea’. For making delicious food one needs to have a comfortable environment. Keeping this thought in mind, we here at Green Apex have set up our ambiance in such a way which is both complacent having all the essential amenities under one roof. Green Apex has the right mixture of all the ingredients put together to get the perfect dish. We have provided our employees with perfect infrastructure and amenities, which will help them to work with a peaceful mind. Following are the ambiance elements that would make you visualize our infrastructure.

Network Management

Multiple Internet Service Providers

We have connection with prominent ISP of India to stay unaffected by network traffic issues and maintain all time connectivity to the service providers.

Internal Strong Network Services

For swift sharing and retrieval of information among Green apex family, we have established a robust internal network with powerful safeguards.

Security Systems

Firewall Security

For high data certainty and security, we run hardware and software based firewall system.

Biometric Access

The official site is safe under efficient fingerprint access system on all the entry-exit points.

Data Management

Regular Backup

On regular basis, we make a backup of important data to regulate error free and trouble free project life cycles.

Data Storage

We have adopted gigantic storage systems to avoid insufficiency issues.

Ambience That Strives Growth

HighEnd Workstations

Captivating Ambience

Video Conferencing

Staging Server

Training Facilities

Network Service

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