5 best iPhone App Development trends in 2019
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5 best iPhone App Development trends in 2019

iPhone App Development can give any business a boost if they can come up with an innovative App idea. However, executing it is not straightforward. The iPhone App must be engaging enough to attract millions of people across the world. This often intimidates startups and enterprises.

With the latest technologies and upgrades, however, iPhone App Development has seen a huge change. An adept iPhone App Development company can make most of these features to deliver a quality App. Let’s have a look at the best iPhone App Development trends in 2019. This should help you notch up the next big iPhone App in the market.

AI-based SIRI shortcut

Siri is a digital voice assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence. Compared to all other digital assistants, Siri has ranked 1st. It has accurately answered 74.6 percent questions. In the latest upgrade from Apple, Siri is able to integrate with third-party iOS Apps. Also, designing apps using Siri is pretty easy for developers. Hence, iPhone App Development can benefit enormously from this trend. To know more about AI-based solutions.

Apple ATS TLS 1.2

For the last 2 decades, TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 have been used in iOS Apps. Even though the security aspect of Apple has never been an issue, some bugs were reported. Hence, Apple has come up with TLS version 1.2. Next year they would make the previous versions obsolete so that security is never compromised on the iPhone Apps. The new version also reduces the hassle of creating security add-ons for developers. Click here to get more knowledge on iPhone App Development using ATS TLS 1.2.

Augmented reality

The AR KIT framework of iOS has created a world of unlimited creativity for users as well as developers. Also, with the latest updates, now iPhone users can navigate unknown places with AR-based Apps. AR will soon become a must-have feature for iPhone Apps across the globe.

Core Machine Learning 2 (ML2)

Machine Learning helps in AI game development, detecting faces, and natural language processing. As quoted by The Hindu, ML2 is 30 percent faster. Also, Apple is now planning to upgrade the Core Machine Learning platform. The craze of using the same is on the rise among developers. Hence, iPhone App Development will reach new heights with the use of this latest trend. Green Apex developers use the latest ML solutions to develop iPhone Apps.

IoT-savvy Apps

iPhone apps are speculated to see a huge IoT boom this year. Apple’s Homekit, an extremely secure IoT system, has been loved and accepted by its users. It allows them to efficiently connect and control home automation devices. This trend will receive more updates in the coming years, thus making it one of the most noteworthy features of iOS.

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