How new iOS 12 features will impact iPhone App Development
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How new iOS 12 features will impact iPhone App Development

The iOS 12 has brought with it some cool new features, making the new devices 40% faster. In addition, Apple has made enormous changes in its hardware. One of the most noteworthy changes is the increased screen size. Hence, iOS developers need to adapt themselves to enhanced technologies.

Let’s have a quick look at how the new iOS 12 features will leave an impact on the iPhone App Development.

Siri Shortcuts and suggestions

Now Siri can predict shortcuts. It can suggest them to users as well. iPhone App Development can be enhanced to incorporate these features. Developers can create codes to build specific features that enable users to access Siri suggestions from the lock screen or watch face.

Interactive Controls in Notifications

iPhone App Development can now be improved further by customizing the notification alerts. Developers can add buttons and switches to prompt user interaction. Also, they can add custom images, attractive fonts and app-specific data specific to customer need.

OpenGL ES made unavailable

iOS 12 does not have OpenGL ES. This should impact the gaming app development companies. However, iOS 12 enables them to use an advanced option for the same purpose. It’s called Metal. Developers will now have access to modern GPUs on iOS and macOS, as reported by The Hindu.

Network Framework

iPhone App Development is now made easier with the provision of Network Framework. Developers can now create network connections to send or receive data using transport and security protocols.

Enhanced ARKit

The new ARKit 2 makes iOS even more attractive to users and developers. This feature allows developers to create shared AR experiences. It enables the user to have a multiuser AR experience. They can scan real-world objects and incorporate their movements and position into the AR app.

Having discussed the above features and their impact, it’s essential to let startups and enterprises know how they should choose the right iPhone App Development company.

  • They must ensure that the iPhone App Development company can effectively make the most of latest iOS 12 features
  • They must choose developers who are well equipped with knowledge and the latest tools to build modern apps
  • They should also think of modernizing their existing iPhone apps. Hence, finding a company which has the tools and resources to provide such solutions is of the utmost importance.

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