Decoding the popularity of PHP Web Development
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Decoding the popularity of PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development has gained immense popularity with businesses in the last few years. Also, it is not a difficult job to find PHP Developers to build a Web App. Reports suggest that two-thirds of Web Apps across the world are developed through PHP. Therefore, it is pretty evident that PHP is one of the most popular technologies of recent times. 

The question arises: how has it managed to become one? Let’s decode the popularity of PHP Web Development.

Easy to use

PHP is a simple language. With only a few lines of code, PHP Developers can get you an intuitive Web App. Though it requires adept training to master the language, the time required is less. Also, because of less coding, the PHP Development time is comparatively less. It is advisable, though, to only rely on the Best PHP Development Company in the market.

Open source

PHP is open source. Naturally, there is a constant improvement. Which only means that the technology is never out of date. Also, this technology is available free of cost online. There are numerous plug-ins available on various websites. Developers can use them to enhance the performance. Eventually, this reduces the Web Development cost.


PHP is extremely stable. Despite being a free and simple language, it is more stable than many other contemporary languages. Websites and Apps created with PHP do not crash. As reported by The Hindu, it is one of the most stable languages. However, to make the most of it, you need to hire only experienced and well-versed PHP Developers.


Security is an in-built feature of PHP. Even though it is open source, security is never compromised. That makes every business opt for PHP Web Development. Even Leading Web App Development Companies advise clients to use PHP instead of other licensed languages.


PHP is the most flexible as well as versatile language. Using PHP, developers can build you Dynamic Websites. It helps them meet your diverse requirements while maintaining quality, performance, and stability.

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