Neurofeedback-based Motion sensing App

FocusBand is a real time motion based mind-sensing headset. FocusBand has woven sensors which measure’s your state of mind. The frequency generator attached to the FocusBand generates frequencies received from the brain. These frequencies might range from 1-44hz. The FocusBand converts these frequencies into digital formats of 1’s and 0’s.The converted data is further transferred to the mobile application with the help of a Bluetooth.

The digital data collected by the application is run through unique filters.These filters create an avatar to give audio and video feedbacks. These are the Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a validated method used for brain training.

FocusBand is used in various applications, Golf in particular. It measures the player’s performance in golf by measuring the blockages in the shot routine, by monitoring the player’s brainwave activity. Then, gives a detail evaluation in the form of a feedback. This evaluation can be shared and used by the players to guide their thinking and brain controlling process accordingly.

Neurofeedback-based Motion sensing App
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