5 reasons to choose ReactJS for your Web App Development
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5 reasons to choose ReactJS for your Web App Development

ReactJS is the most trending Javascript library at present. It has been adopted by top-notch social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. ReactJS helps build the View of an Application i.e. the User Interface.ReactJS is considered to be the apt option for Single Page Applications, as quoted by The Hindu. For instance, Instagram, the most popular photo sharing application uses ReactJS. Hence, businesses across various industries prefer ReactJS Development Solutions for their App Development.Now when we say ReactJS is being loved by one and all, you may wonder if we can vouch for the same. Let’s have a look at the image that reinforces our statement. The below infographic is based on a recent study on how Businesses across the globe react to the use of ReactJS.

Over 14K Startups and Enterprises have used ReactJS for their Business App. Furthermore, they have stated that they would love to use it again. Nearly 6.5K Companies expressed their desire to use ReactJS for their Business Web App Development.  In comparison to these numbers, we can see, the rate of people not willing to use it is minimal.

Let’s have a look at why you should choose ReactJS for your Web App Development.

Loads of Reusable Components

ReactJS comprises a component-based structure. It offers a wide range of components such as dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes, etc. It gives a Web App a consistent, intuitive, and unprecedented look. Also, it makes the Web App Development easy for developers. Only an adept ReactJS Development Company can offer pertinent ReactJS Solutions for any business.

Flux and Redux

The Flux architecture creates actions to update stores. This functionality is used by Facebook for their Web Applications. However, it is not a ready-to-use library. The latest one is Redux that provides businesses with a single store. Adopting ReactJS Solutions is the best decision to make for every emerging business irrespective of industry. Click here to get the most effective ReactJS Solutions for your dream project.

Great for SEO

Javascript Frameworks usually fail to build Web Apps that are SEO friendly. That often tends to worry Businesses considering any of these Frameworks for Web App Development. However, with ReactJS, the situation is different. Users can search for Web Apps on different search engines.

Utilizes Virtual DOM

DOM Manipulation is not an easy job. ReactJS aims at solving this problem faced by all other Javascript Frameworks. It utilizes Virtual DOM to ensure minimum read/write time. That, in turn, offers high performance and quality to Web App Development.

Clean abstraction

Good abstraction is of the utmost importance when it comes to building an intuitive User Interface. ReactJS achieves the same for Web App Development. It does not expose the complexity of development to the end users. Hence, you are free to design the UI as per your requirement. That, in no way, affects the user experience.

Having discussed the above reasons, we present you with a detailed report based on Github data.

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