How iOS and Android Development differ with React Native?
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How iOS and Android Development differ with React Native?

With its growing popularity, React Native has caught the eyeball of every emerging business. However, choosing the right platform is of the utmost importance. It not only depends on their target audience but also on the effectiveness of the platform. Hence, having a notion as to how iOS and Android Development differ with React Native is essential.

Here’s a list of the 5 most imperative points to help you choose the right platform for React Native App Development.

Supporting styles

Different styles are added to a React Native App depending on the desired design. However, the behavior of the same differs highly across various platforms. For instance, an iOS app can display a shadow style whereas an Android one cannot. Hence, you must decide which platform would be apt for your vision. Getting in touch with a leading React Native Development Company is always helpful for effective solutions.

Operating system

Android Apps are easy to test. They can be effectively tested on the Android Studio, as quoted by The Times of India. However, there is no such tool specifically made for testing iOS Apps. This must be kept in mind while deciding the platform for React Native App Development.


iOS is always focused on minimalistic design. But Android endorses extravaganza. One must realize their priority for the React Native Mobile App in terms of design. This will help React Native Developers bring them best-in-class features, quality, and performance.

Linking libraries

Be it for Android or iOS, 3rd party libraries must be manually linked to the React Native Mobile Apps. However, this is not an easy process. Only a React Native Development Company with in-depth knowledge of the technology should help you with the right solution.

Native elements

React Native offers a broad range of native elements. They can be used to produce top-notch Mobile Apps with scalable view layers. However, the results differ highly across various platforms. For example, picker components show up differently on iOS and Android emulators. Hence, making the right decision in terms of the mobile platform is essential.

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