Research Analysis

Interesting Facts about Udemy and Google’s Audiobooks

Interesting Facts about Udemy
Research Analysis

Along with education comes the need for books. Books have been catering to the needs of students, teachers, and educational institutes for years. In fact, they are considered one of the foremost pathways to attain knowledge. However, over the last few years the modern educational practices aim at technologizing the way we gain insights into various subjects. As a result, we have witnessed some of the biggest overhauls in the history of education such as introduction of eBooks, Online Learning, Audio content for studies, etc.

Here in this article we aim at enlightening you on two such leading apps in the market.

  • Udemy
  • Google’s Audiobooks

While Udemy focuses on professional adults and their need for improving knowledge, Google’s Audiobooks serves its readers with a profound library of audiobooks. We have analysed the inner workings of each of these apps in detail. This analysis is focused around how much you may need to invest in order to build Apps similar to Udemy and Google’s Audiobooks.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an elearning platform boasting over 40,000 online courses. The best thing about this App is that users can access the courses from various platforms, devices, and operating systems. It provides real-world experts with an opportunity to create courses, promote them, and earn money. Students buy these courses in order to enhance their knowledge as a need for professional headway. This App is, however, not for school or college students. It is meant for professional adults looking to upskill themselves.

Why build an App like Udemy?

An App like Udemy is one of the most important tools in the growth of any organisation. An emerging company will have an ever-increasing workforce. That, in turn, means the need for knowledge and elearning is endless. However, does every company boast the required space and infrastructure to maintain an educational model? The answer is no. Hence, they look for Apps and Websites which, once incorporated into their learning model, could help improve their employees’ skills. It is evident how the market of such elearning apps is on the rise. With more than 20,000 instructors and 12 million students, you can guess how huge of a market Udemy has built for itself.

huge of a market Udemy
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"In fact, a study by probytes.net shows that by the end of 2019 over 50% students will be engaged in elearning. it further indicates that by 2020, the global mobile-learning market might cross $38 billon."

What you must have in your Udemy-like App?

  • No pre-qualification to register for a course on the App
  • Sync across multiple devices so all the courses are handy
  • Free courses available on the App so that students can have access to trial courses
  • Money back guarantee for a limited period so that if the course is not pursued, students get a 100% refund
  • Certificate of completion for every completed course
  • Students should be able to decide the pace of the course, stop, pause, and replay as many times as needed
  • Easy to understand examples with application in real-time business environment

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What is Google’s Audiobooks?

The market of books is one of the most profound of all. The publication industry has witnessed many transformations over the years such as the invention of e-formats, etc. That of Audiobooks is, however, the biggest of all.

Markus Dohle, the Global Chief Executive of Penguin Random House was quoted as saying,

“There are essentially 5 reasons behind the growth of Audiobooks –

  1. Consistent growth of consumer book market
  2. A healthy coexistence between print and e-format
  3. Stable business model for both editions
  4. Rising literacy rates and growing population
  5. Rapid growth of children’s and young adult’s sections “

An Audiobooks App such as Google’s Audiobooks charges their users a subscription fee for listening to the audio formats of the available books. Hence, this membership model is the most important aspect of any Audiobooks app.

Why build an App like Google’s Audiobooks?

The US is the biggest market for Audiobooks, as quoted by Forbes. In 2017, there was nearly $3 billion dollars in sales in the country. Our research on the same subject reveals the following facts about the growing popularity of Google’s Audiobooks –

  • Listening to books enables readers to pursue other activities concurrently
  • Audiobooks are portable and handy
  • Readers as well as students now love being read to
The growing popularity of Google’s Audiobooks

A recent report by Forbes indicates at the fact that the value of the Audiobooks Industry is increasing at a fast rate. At present, its value is $2.8 billion. Also, it shows that the number of Audiobook downloads has outgrown that of eBook downloads per year. Learners and Readers are now downloading over 50,000 Audiobooks per year. These numbers clearly states why you should consider developing an App like Google’s Audiobooks.

What content should you have in your Audiobooks App?

  • ACX is the marketplace which links all the content creators such as authors, voice artists, production managers, directors, etc. You should avail of this service in order to create Audiobooks on diverse subjects like study materials, text books, elearning modules, etc.
  • You must build a rich library of actual books available in Audio format. This requires a lot of money, time, and dedication. You need to get the physical or eBooks converted into Audiobooks. Also, having a profound collection is important to attract learners and readers to the App.
  • Instead of selling the content directly to your customers, you can share the link with them via an API. This eliminates the cost of production and lets you make profit out of minimal investment.
  • Strive to provide additional exciting features such as sharing option, podcast, personalized channels, and offline download, etc
Having talked about both an Udemy-like App and Google Audiobooks App, let’s have a detailed comparison of the must-have features of them.
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Difference of Udemy-like App and Google Audiobooks App


Now that you have a notion about how to develop Apps like Udemy and Google’s Audiobooks, we assume you know how to go about it. It is advisable to approach a renowned Web and Mobile Development Company to have an effective Development solution with high time and cost-optimization. However, it is equally imperative to remember that quality and performance should not be compromised at any cost.

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