Beyond Wireless

What is Beyond Wireless ?

Beyond Wireless connects multi-vendor computers in enterprise-wide networks, integrating them into customer environments and providing on-going training, support and value-added services. In the era of internetworking, it was the most demanding need of IT industry. Hence, Green Apex had to make an effective web solution specific to their needs. Let’s have a thorough look at the same.


A website that talks about their internetworking solutions for the IT industry needs an attractive interface to catch the eyeballs of their potential customers. Green Apex offered them a prototype with a planned approach as to how we would implement the project and with their approval, we went ahead with the implementation.

The website has 10 main pages and even more dynamic sets of sub-pages for the end users to know about their internetworking services. As per our client’s vision, they wanted the website to look as intuitive and robust as possible to satisfy their end users.

Client Requirement

Together with our clients we analysed the cruciality of the website and all its features. The next step was to break them down into requirements. Let’s see what were the high-level requirements of our client.

  • 10 categories and corresponding pages on the homepage
  • Sub-pages to drop down when hovered over main page modules
  • Carousel images for easy display of products and services
  • Contact forms displayed frequently on the pages for ease of communication
  • Pages made dynamic with animations, images and gif

Features We Added

Website :
  • 10 main pages to be displayed on the website
  • Sub-pages to be displayed when hovered over the main pages - 8
  • Animation to make the interface catchy - gifs, images and flowcharts
  • Contact forms with required buttons
  • Intuitive design for the pages to make the navigation simple to understand
  • Carousel images on homepage for ease of displaying products and services
  • Attractive theme and content format for ensuring longer stay of users on the website


Carousel Images

We had a little difficulty fitting all three images on the homepage into the carousel format. However, with the help of our proficient UX designers, we accomplished the same on time.

Minimalistic design with heavy animations

We completely agreed with our clients when they mentioned what their vision was: a minimalistic design based over animations like gif and images. However, implementing the same was not that easy given animations often tend to slow down the load time of pages. Hence, we had to reply on our web development and design experts for the layout. They, as usual, did not fail us.

“We always wanted our development partner to share our vision in order to understand the importance of it. The leadership at Green Apex did exactly the same. They did not only understood our vision but strived to enhance the performance of the output through their past experiences. We couldn’t have asked for more.”



Beyond Wireless was a unique idea on the client’s part. We aimed at offering them even more uniqueness through our services. Hence, the website had to be simple yet catchy. Our web developers and design experts realised and shared the same vision and built something which was effective enough to keep our client’s target users’ happy. 



JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Language Support:


Words from Beyond Wireless CEO

“We had the products ready and the services too. However, when it came to a website that could help us spread the word, we lacked the same. Hence, we reached out to Green Apex, of course, after checking their portfolio. And we must say that their solutions impressed us.”



This project was so unique in itself that we also wanted to give the best of our services to improve it in every way. The fact that our client was happy with the proposed solution and also the outcome provided a fillip to our in-house web developers and they worked hard to implement and deliver the same. 

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