What is ClinicalPharma ?

A US based Drug Information Solution Provider that aims at catering the needs of over 500 Hospitals and 3500 Retail Pharmacies across the country. They wished to have a website to elevate their business further.  Green Apex Technolabs comprehended their vision and designed a Website that could precisely and informatively offer information on various drugs and biologics for the treatment of critical diseases.


ClinicalPharma wanted to have a website that could cater to the needs of hospitals and pharmacies by providing them with useful information on drugs and biologics. Initially what we fathomed a simple solution soon turned out to be pretty challenging as they required a feature-rich and heavy on animation website to give it an attractive look.  

The App has one interface with suggestions, tips and information on drugs and medicines. In addition, it has an admin panel for keeping track of customer details, number of users and drug information. The panel is integrated with database to update the website with the latest information. The overall look and feel of the website is dynamic in nature.

Client Requirement

Even though it was to be an information provider website with no complex functionality, we wanted to deliver our client with something unique and highly attractive. When the features of the website are simple, the look of the same must be eye catching yet intuitive. Also the navigation becomes an integral part as it oftentimes determines the usability of the website. Green Apex understood every aspect of their needs and together, they zeroed in on the following requirements.

  • Register/ login page for patients, pharmacies, and hospitals
  • Ability to update drug information on the website
  • Separate pages pertaining to categories
  • Contact and blog pages
  • Customizable filters

Features We Added

The Website has one interface for 3 diverse customers – patients, hospitals and pharmacies. However features remain the same for all of them. However, the admin panel has a complete different set of features. Let’s have a look at the features we added to the website.

For Customers:
  • Signup with Gmail or Facebook
  • View and edit profile
  • Listing of drugs and medicines along with detailed information and use
  • Customizable filters for medicines and drugs as per categories
  • Review and Rate the available details for every drug
  • Ability to request new information and contact support
  • Notifications and alerts for new additions
For Admins:
  • Separate login for admins
  • Manage drug information
  • Run query on database for specific information
  • Manage users, their profiles, and information for customers
  • Add, Remove or Change medicine and drug details
  • Handle customer complaints


Managing Expandable View

We already mentioned that client wished for a dynamic website. As per their requirement, if users hovered over a specific drug, a pop up page would show essential details about it. It was a bit tricky for us at first, however, soon our in-house web development experts managed to attain the same with their experience in the field.

3rd Normalization Form

The client wanted us to design the Admin interface in 3rd Normalization Form. It was something that required a lot of research on our developers’ part. However, it was then that our senior developers and leaders took on and showcased their expertise in the field to resolve the issue.

“We were quite impressed with the proposed solution. We knew the requirements were not very hard to implement but we’d expected a unique design for our website. Anything trite was not to be accepted, we’d decided. Hence, when they presented the solution and subsequently, the prototype, we were more than happy to go ahead with them. ”



Our client was particular about the timeline. We always kept this in mind while developing the website. However, at the same time we had to ensure that the solution was the best of its kind. Hence, when we offered them the solution, we promised to adhere to the proposed timeline and deliver the product without any glitch. We acquired the same within a month of time, thus leading to the satisfaction of our client.


API: JSON format

Supported Browser: 

Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version 

Google Chrome : Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version

Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari : Min version 8.0 to Max version 9.1

Words from ClinicalPharma CEO

“Green Apex team has been the right choice for us - no doubt about it. They built the Website without any delay and always ensured that the issues were mitigated on time. Plus, the project manager was very efficient when it came to communicating the progress, any minor delay, defect fixing, etc. We are very happy with their services.”



Our team of Web Developers successfully implemented the entire solution in a month of time. We are happy that our client happily accepted the solution too. Moreover, they also showed immense interest in working with us again in the future. Like we always say – success stories amount to happy clients.

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