What is Hospice ?

Hospice promises to supply high-quality medical equipment and assistance in a timely manner in countries across Texas. The website can be used by patients to order medical equipment and other services only to have them delivered at home. Green Apex helped them with a Web Development Solution based on the latest technologies.


Hospice targets customers who need medical assistance at home. We all know how imperative it is for patients to have medical equipment delivered at home, that too in the most cost effective manner. Hospice understood their needs and approached Green Apex with their vision to turn the same into a reality.

Health Services Provider Website powered by such unique concept seemed challenging at the same time exciting to Green Apex team right from the beginning. Hence, our team of Web Development Experts and the tech leaders sat together to create an even more unique solution for them.

Client Requirement

Our client together with our in-house Web Developers, Leaders and Business Experts analysed the idea extensively until we all were sure as to what would be the high-level requirements for the project. Let’s have a quick look at the same. 

Together,they concluded the following requirements:
  • Register/ login
  • Website dropdowns
  • Dynamic forms
  • ChatBot Integration
  • Plugin customization
  • Dynamic pages
  • Online order
  • Real time tracking of delivery status
  • Contact with Delivery partner
  • Reports on per day cost
  • Online payment and invoice generation

Features We Added

  • 5 main dynamic pages
  • Tab views for individual pages
  • Sub pages for some main pages
  • SIgnup/ login feature
  • Edit profile
  • Order equipment online
  • Create pick-up request from the website
  • Tracking delivery status from one’s profile
  • Getting in touch with delivery partner in case of concern
  • Contacting Support through chatbots on the website
  • SIgnup/ login feature
  • Edit profile
  • Funding option in the app
  • Order equipment online
  • Create pick-up request from the app
  • Tracking delivery status from one’s profile
  • Getting in touch with delivery partner in case of concern
  • Contacting Support through options on the app
  • Viewing invoice and per day cost
  • Fetching cost report in doc format
Admin panel:
  • SIgnup/ login feature
  • Edit profile
  • Fetching detailed report on patient invoice
  • Managing customer concerns on payment, delivery and app usage
  • Tracking of every order right from dashboard
  • Adding/ editing new and existing equipment


Online payment integration

The payment gateway our client chose was not an easy method for integration. Hence, our web developers had to face some initial issues with the same until the integration specialists pitched in and brainstormed an easier way of implementing the same.

Real time tracking

Real time tracking is one such feature that was highly desired by our client, however, was not entirely devoid of challenges. We had to include geolocation feature as well. That was only mounting the complexity of existing codes. Hence, we invested extra effort in order to optimize the codes and eventually successfully implemented the solution.

“Working with Green Apex has been a wonderful development experience. Their team were experts in this domain. We would love to work with them again in the future.”




The same was applicable for mobile app as well. They needed to ensure that their users were happy with the information, reports, tracking and online ordering features. Also, making it responsive and simple to use were the two most important aspects of the Mobile App Development.


Like we mentioned, the interface had to be made catchy and informative. It was the most effective way for our client to gain users for their apps. Hence, we took the help of our in-house development and design experts for the development of the website.


Android OS Support:

Android 4.4 to Android 8.0


Java using Android Studio 3.4

Android Supported Devices:

480×800, 720×1280, 1080×1920, 1440×2560

Language Support:




JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Language Support


Words from Hospice CEO

“We are extremely happy to have chosen Green Apex. It was a long-term project as both website and mobile app were to be built. Naturally, we were looking for a proficient team of developers who had had previous experience of doing something similar. Green Apex precisely fit into all our requirements.”



While our client came with a one-of-a-kind idea, we strived day and night to turn it into a better looking reality. Thanks to our adept team of developers and leaders who never stopped adding value to the project through their experience and skills. We are happy because we have gained another happy client in the end.

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