What is S3-Ninja ?

S3-Ninja reproduces the function of Amazon S3 API for development and testing purpose. It provides support for various object methods such as GET, PUT, HEAD, and DELETE. Green Apex enabled them to completely automate the deployment process cycles using Amazon S3 API integration.


Getting in touch with S3-Ninja client, when we understood their requirements we already knew this was going to be the most challenging yet powerful project for Green Apex Developers. Hence, we took in-depth meetings only to make the expectation from client side clear to our developers and work with them on the analysis of the same.

Green Apex automated the deployment process cycles for S3-Ninja using the Amazon S3 API. We had our in-house Integration Specialists understand the client’s vision and accordingly offer them a SPA (Single Page Application) solution for the website and Integration services for the Automation.

Client Requirement

Like we said the requirements for the project was crucial for our technical team since the integration bit was a first for them. In few days time, we presented them the static layout of the website so they had a rough idea about it and subsequently, they decided to go ahead with our solution with the following solutions – 

  • Simple yet informative website
  • Single Page concept
  • Amazon S3 API integration for automation purpose
  • Animations for the homepage to enhance user experience
  • Buttons on the homepage so users can easily navigate to the desired pages

Features We Added

  • Emulating the Amazon S3 for Automating Deployment cycle
  • Extensive testing to ensure the automation works as expected
  • Making the most of Amazon S3 API for integration and bringing the best of its features
  • Maintenance for zero-bug performance and quality
  • Informative design for meeting user expectations
  • Buttons for easy navigation from homepage
  • SPA implementation
  • Animated UI for better user experience


Amazon S3 Integration

Implementing Amazon S3 Integration was a little challenging because we were working on it for the first time. However, our team of integration experts pulled it off with added features within the decided time.

SPA implementation for website pages

Implementing SPA was not easy for a website as informative and animated as this one. However, this was the most apt solution for our client’s purpose. Hence, we made a static layout only to give our client a rough idea of how it might look afterwards and once they were happy with it, we implemented the same.

“We basically needed two diverse solutions: one for emulation purpose and another for our website. Hence, it was important for our development partner to be versatile. In Green Apex, we foresaw that potential through their systematic approach and presentation of the solution.”




It was our first automation project and we were eager to work on the same. Hence, when they liked our solution, we put extra effort and time to ensure that we delivered an even better output. The Automation powered by Amazon S3 API was implemented within 8 weeks of time.


Single Page Applications are efficient solutions for websites that are more based on information and less on functionality. It also makes the website dynamic. This way we can display more information at a faster speed without making the website clustered with too much animation.



JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

  Language Support:




Amazon S3



Words from S3-Ninja CEO

“At S3-Ninja, we were out to make the deployment process easier for our potential customers. Hence, we needed a team that was proficient and willing to realise our vision with a similar enthusiasm. Green Apex may not have had experience in Amazon S3 at that point but the way they presented the solution and managed to convince us were outstanding.”



Like our client said, we had to offer two diverse solutions for their project. Yes, there were many snags in this engagement pertaining to the development and deployment but we are glad that we ensured that our client’s experience was good with our team. This is what we aim to achieve with every project.

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