What is Vetsource?

Vetsource is a on-demand products and services provider website solely meant for vets and their clients. Based in the US, they aim at providing all pet care products thus making the lives of vets and their clients easier through value added services. Green Apex understood their vision and helped them develop a website to achieve their noble mission.


Vetsource provides quality pet care and food products to its clients. Clients comprise veterinarians and their customers. However, if you think that it is just another on-demand home delivery app for pets, then let us tell you it’s not. Because the website incorporates double patented e-prescribing tool that gives it a whole new level of authenticity and reliability for its clients.

Client Requirement

Vetsource, like we mentioned, was a straightforward yet feature-rich solution. Hence, we had to perform an in-depth analysis of their vision to break it down into module-based requirements- 

  • Login/Register
  • Order products
  • Easy payment for products
  • Order tracking feature
  • Reporting
  • Vet enrollment
  • Two different interfaces for Vets and Pet owners
  • Vet finder based on geolocation

Features We Added

For Veterinarians:
  • Register/Login page
  • Enrollment for practitioner
  • Ordering pet care products
  • Scheduling option for clients
  • Easy payment option for ordered products
  • Double patented e-prescribing tool feature
  • Order tracking
  • Email marketing services
  • Help from support
  • Push notifications on updates
For Pet Owners:
  • Register/Login page
  • Order Pet products
  • Locate Vets based on location
  • Track order
  • Managing hostel bookings
  • Easy online payment
  • Repeat previous order
  • Seek help from support
  • Push notification for orders and updates


E-prescribing tool

Our client wanted to build a USP around this website. Of course, there were hundreds of such websites and apps around. But this e-prescribing feature powered by doubt-patenting could easily take it to the next level. Our Web Developers and Integration specialists implemented the same for them through some unbidden challenges.

Vet finder - Geolocation based services

Yes, it is not a brand new feature for a website or app. But implementing the same brought few unforeseen issues to the development team. However, our tech leadership, through their potent experience, managed to break through them all.

“Working with Green Apex has been a pleasant at the same time enlightening experience. Their team was wise and experienced and therefore, we had to put from little to almost no effort in making them understand what our vision was.”



Vetsource Website was not a unique solution but it was definitely unbeaten in terms of its prescribing and vet locating features. It also caters to two diverse customers – vets and pet owners. Therefore, it is evident that we had to keep in mind the two different perspectives while developing and designing the website for them.





JSON Format

Browser/Device Compatibility: 

Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 55.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 61.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min 9.0 to Max 10.1.0 version

Words from Vetsource CEO

“Vetsource was our dream project. We’d been in the business for quite a few years but it was high time that we’d built a website for the same. It was then that we came across Green Apex’s portfolio on a social media platform. We were impressed with it and decided to have a word with them. We must say it was the best decision for this project.”


Because Vetsource project was for a noble cause, we could see the amount of dedication that our client had been giving to this mission of theirs. Hence, we promised them the same along with the expertise and experience of our web developers. In the end, a happy client is all that makes a difference to us. 

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