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What is at the coreof Green Apex?

1. Culture

Be the best version of yourself in the work culture that expedites innovation in the way you work and deliver expertise.

Green Apex work culture enables extended support to employees, helps broader community, and boosts the business by unlocking people's potential

2. Inclusiveness

We have developed a wholly altruistic culture of inclusiveness with a thumb rule of taking care of our business through the betterment of our people.

Setting new trends in the most human way is in our genes since our foundation day.

3. Skill Upgradation

Our sweet spots have made an impact in the hearts of our people to enjoy a lifelong employee experience with every necessary thing by their side to prosper high on their career path.

We invest in our people with constant enablement of learnings, encouraging our employee's thoughts at the front lines, high-tech flexible work arrangements, and embracing equality at every phase of working.

4. Leadership & Mentoring

It's because of the true mentorship that every leader at Green Apex has inventively build a connection of trust, passion, and a motivating ambiance of the work-life balance in the best possible way.

Leadership at Green Apex has always been a capital currency to the way our people work, and grow as industry experts. Culture / Inclusiveness / Skill Upgradation/ Leadership & Mentoring.


“Green Apex is all about working in your own way and driving impossibilities to a uniquely possible experience. Here, everything is constantly changing. The way we work and the place where we work. It is a highly promising destination for an inspiring collaboration of people, technology, and place. Green Apex is a rare place where our clients, we as employees, and the visitors learn, socialize, engage, and connect in the most influential way. It's fun to work in a warm and motivational environment.”

Leadership Say


It has been almost 2 years of working for Green Apex Technolabs. This journey has been wonderful and enlightened. Working in a capacity of project manager, one needs to ensure that projects are delivered successfully and team can happily focus on tasks with full strength, focus towards deliverables. I can surely tell that our management bestows me with good level of capacity and powers to execute my role and responsibilities.

Ruchir Pandya Project Manager

We trust in demonstrating a "one team" attitude, with an acute focus on winning and attaining results through a flat and non-hierarchical organizational structure. Our dynamic leadership team believes in performance-based management and quick resolution of issues, as well as demonstrating the core values of quality, respect, integrity, learning and growth.

Mehul Patel Project Manager

Innovation rooted in our perseverance, it's the waterfall of energy, empathy and ideas that our successful team beats with one heart.

Jaagriti Bhardwaj Head, Business & Communications

Green Apex does a great job of creating a fun environment that also motivates people to be their best. Management really want the employees to be happy and successful by asking for input from the employees.

Rajesh Panchal Team Leader - UI Development

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