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Grow your digital presence with our custom front-end development services. Our team creates visually appealing websites that not only look good but are also optimized for SEO, performance and seamless user experience. Our services can help you engage users and drive conversions with websites that align with your business goals.

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Delivering Fast, and User-friendly Frontend Services

We prioritize speed, usability, and engagement to ensure your website works well on all devices. We combine the latest design trends with cutting-edge technology to make sure that your site not only performs well but also provides a seamless experience for every visitor.

Trusted by Global Clients

With clients in 10+ countries, we are a trusted front-end development company.


Our Frontend Development Services

When you choose Green Apex, you get end-to-end front-end services. Whether you want to create a new website or revamp an existing one, our custom front-end solutions are designed to meet every business's needs and address challenges.

Front-end Architecture & Design

Our dedicated developers design and develop front-end architectures that can help you run web applications efficiently. Our developers use the latest design practices that make sure your application can easily be scaled, and new features can be added based on growing requirements.

HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Design

Our web developers are experienced in HTML5 and CSS3. They make sure that your website is dynamic and responsive across all devices. We design websites that can adapt to different screen sizes of mobile phones and desktops. It helps you increase user engagement and reach a wide audience.

Single Page App Development

We use advanced JavaScript frameworks like React.js and Angular.js for single-page app development. It helps us deliver fast and responsive web applications. Our developers design websites to load HTML pages dynamically as they interact with the app. It helps you provide a better user experience without any page reloads on the web.

Progressive Web App Development

Our progressive web app development services can help you develop websites that look similar to your mobile apps. We develop PWAs to load faster and work offline. You can easily integrate them with any device to improve engagement and provide a consistent user experience.

CMS Design & Development

Our CMS design and development services can help you manage and deliver content easily. Our team develops custom CMS so your team can use it easily without spending much time on learning. Also, our CMS is designed to deliver only necessary features based on your requirements. It helps you keep your site content fresh and updated.

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Why Should Businesses Focus on The Front-end?

Frontend can help you turn your business ideas into user-friendly web interfaces to improve your brand image and perception.

Enhanced User Engagement

Good front-end designs can help get attention the moment a user arrives on your platform. It ensures that the user stays longer on site while navigating it easily.


Increase Conversions

A well-designed front end includes calls to action and simplified forms. It makes it easy for users to complete sign-ups and transactions and lifts conversions.


Improved Responsiveness

With front-end, you can focus on creating platforms that are easy to navigate across mobile and desktop. It ensures that the user gets a positive experience on every device.


Faster Load Times

Expert front-end developers focus on writing codes that can load pages faster. It is important from both business and SEO perspectives.


Transform User Experiences with Sleek and Modern Web Interfaces.

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Our Web App Development Process

Our web app development process is designed to ensure your project is delivered on time and within your budget.


Step - 1

Discovery Phase

Step - 1

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we collaborate closely with you and your team to understand your vision and goal behind a website. Our goal is to deliver desired outcomes and make sure that our front-end solutions align with your vision.


Step - 2


Step - 2


Our team conducts its own research. We check competitors and your targeted audience. It will help us develop a website that can attract more visitors and help you get a competitive edge in the market.


Step - 3


Step - 3


Our UI/UX team is an expert in designing websites that are easy to navigate and visually appealing. We make sure that our designs are responsive on all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablets.


Step - 4

Development & Testing

Step - 4

Development & Testing

Our development team works closely with the design team. We make sure that the visual elements and the frontend code work seamlessly together to enhance functionality and user experience. We also test websites rigorously on multiple devices to check load times and functionality.


Step - 5

Launch & Post Launch Support

Step - 5

Launch & Post Launch Support

Post testing, we launch the website. We continuously monitor user behavior and interaction using tools like Clarity, Hotjar, and more to make improvements. We also provide post-launch support to fix bugs, launch updates, and optimize performance.


Yatra - A Travel Management System

Yatra is a user-friendly platform that enables users to book their travel effortlessly. The portal offers options to reserve flights, hotels, buses, and trains alongside features to manage expenses and policies seamlessly.

Tech Stack

We use the latest technologies and frameworks, along with other tools, to ensure timely delivery.

Programming Language

Our front-end tech stack is modern and versatile to align with your business requirements.

Tailored Front-end Services for Diverse Industries

Our front-end services are custom-made for each industry to make sure that your digital solutions drive business success.


Create engaging and informative user interfaces to provide travelers convenience. Our front-end services focus on creating intuitive booking systems, interactive travel guides, and real-time updates to improve user journeys throughout the site.


We build front-ends that feature encrypted transactions, real-time financial data presentation, and easy-to-navigate dashboards for a range of financial services. These help fintech businesses build trust and offer features to make quick decisions.


Develop attractive and efficient online stores with features like advanced product filters, quick-view product galleries, and streamlined checkout processes. Our front-end solutions are designed to drive sales and retain customers.


Create websites that can engage and keep students attentive. We design fronts that support interactive learning through multimedia content, real-time collaboration tools, and adaptive learning technologies.


Why Choose Green Apex?

We deliver innovative and customized web applications that can improve your digital presence.

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Focus on Performance

Our web development team provides solutions to your unique business needs and challenges.


We prioritize your website to be accessible and provide a similar experience on multiple platforms and devices.

Data-Driven Decisions

We use A/B testing and real user data to design your website for optimal performance.

Proactive Support

We provide continuous support and updates to keep your website updated and secure.


Clients Reviews

Ranjish Pillai

Hospice, CEO

"I can't thank Green Apex enough for their incredible work on our healthcare management system, Hospice. From the moment we engaged with them, it was clear they were invested in our success. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch software development."

Manish Amin

Yatra, Co-Founder & CTO

“Our journey with Green Apex has been nothing short of exceptional. They understood what we needed to create something that resonated with our users. After the development of the website, our business has seen profitable results.”

Mr. Unnat

CODE, Founder

“We approach Green Apex to build a community app with our clear vision to connect all entrepreneurs in one place. The app they delivered exceeded our expectations in every way and the feedback from our users has been super positive.”

Mr. Sadiq Khan

Ghedex, COO

“It's not often that you come across a team as dedicated and talented as Green Apex. Their created app has become an essential tool for students and educators alike. They fulfill our requirements, and we are impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and process efficiency.”

Gary Wells

"Green Apex team has done a very well job in handling our project. The honesty and technical guidance that you've provided in the past 3 years have been valuable and we're very happy to have your team onboard as our tech partners. "

Frequently Asked Questions

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We deliver custom, scalable, and visually engaging front-end solutions. We ensure that we deliver seamless user experience across all devices and platforms. With our expertise in the industry, you can rest assured that your website will be competitive and efficient.

We use core web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js.

The cost of your front-end development depends on the project's complexity and requirements. You can contact our team for the precise cost of your website development.

Micro frontends structure a front-end app as a composition of features owned independently by different teams, allowing for decentralized and agile development

Green Apex can help you enhance the user experience by creating intuitive and responsive. We design websites tailored to user needs and optimized for navigation and speed.

Yes, we are experts in integrating a wide range of third-party APIs, enhancing your app’s functionality and user experience.

Yes, Green Apex offers front-end development for eCommerce, optimizing the customer journey, navigation, and conversion rates on your platform.


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