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UI/UX Design Services

Our in-house design studio targets delivering value-driven UI/UX designs that create engaging mobile and web apps. An innovative process, timely completion and superior user experience are our forte.

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User Experience with a Heartbeat

We are known for designing UI/UX experiences that are beyond aesthetics. With a decade-long experience of refining our capabilities and acquiring a deep understanding of human behavior, we architect intuitive interactions and visually stunning interfaces. Today, we've developed grown expertise in creating inclusive design and responsive layouts that result in user-friendly and engaging apps on any device.

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Explore our tailor-made, strategically crafted, and visually captivating UI/UX services that amplify business value for creating a sophisticated brand image.

Interactive High-fidelity Prototypes

We, as a UI UX design company, help you in making detailed prototypes of your product. With that, you can get feedback in real-time from the users and make the design good to go. Through testing, it will become easy to use and comparing different versions.

UX Research

We've all heard the consequences about assuming the audience's requirements and priorities. Our UI/UX consulting services let you move from blind guesswork to strategic results guarantee.

Wireframe Architecture

Need help to set your content in a way that makes sense to your users? Our Information Architecture & Content Design service can help. We'll create wireframes, easy-to-follow maps, navigation plans, and content outlines to make your product easier to use and your users more satisfied.

Mobile & Web UI Design

Making designs for both mobile and web interfaces is our prime expertise. We work hard to turn your ideas into practical, easy-to-use designs. So, you can meet the requirements of your users.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our designs are created to work smoothly on any device. We also make sure that your design looks great, and it also works well no matter where it's being used.

UI/UX Design Services

Save your time & delight your end-users with Our User-Centered UI/UX Design!

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How Can UI/UX Design Contribute to Reaching Your Business Goals?

Don't take our words for granted, the following are the actual benefits businesses can get with UI/UX design:

Increased Revenue

UI/UX design can facilitate the buying journey and boost sales by drafting powerful interfaces and user flows. Also, it guides users towards conversions.


Reduced Churn rate

A nicely designed user experience raises user satisfaction and loyalty. It also minimizes customer frustration and encourages continuous business.


Improved Metrics

From conversion rates to time spent on site, UI/UX design optimizes user interaction. It leads to significant improvements in KPIs.


Faster Time to Market

Efficient UI UX design agency techniques prioritize usability from the start. It reduces the need for rework and provides an easy product launch.


Looking to Maximize Your ROI with User-Centered Designs?

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An Ultra-Smooth Execution Process for Optimum Results

We work in shorter stages, compile feedback at each step, and rely on our strategies. This is our method.


Step - 1.


Step - 1.


First things first, we begin to get aligned. We'll brainstorm with you and your team to figure out the "why" behind the product. What problem are we solving? Who are we solving it for? This helps us resort to a design approach.


Step - 2.

Research & Discovery

Step - 2.

Research & Discovery

Next up, we get into user research and market research. This helps us better understand their needs, desires, and frustrations. Simultaneously, we analyze industry trends and see what the competition is doing to ensure your product stands out.


Step - 3.

Design Planning

Step - 3.

Design Planning

With all the research work handy, we create user personas. As a result, we come to know how the actual users will interact with the product. Finally, develop wireframes to map out the layout and functionality of the interface.


Step - 4.

Design & Visuals

Step - 4.

Design & Visuals

This phase involves both UX and UI aspects. We consider things like how information is organized, interface navigation, how easy it is to use, if it’s accessible for everyone, and even the little bits of text users encounter.


Step - 5.

Prototyping & Development

Step - 5.

Prototyping & Development

Once we have a working UI, the final step is to create a prototype. This can be tested with the real users for specific feedback on what works and what doesn’t. We use that feedback and modify our deign before it’s handed over to the developers.


Yatra - A Travel Management System

Yatra is a user-friendly platform that enables users to book their travel effortlessly. The portal offers options to reserve flights, hotels, buses, and trains alongside features to manage expenses and policies seamlessly.


Tech Stack

We use top-notch design software and other related tools to make our work smooth and get things done quickly.

Design Handoff Tools

We use handoff tools to streamline collaboration between designers and developers to deliver a better user experience.

Industries We Work With

We don't differentiate against good ideas. We bring exceptional UI/UX design to every project.


Simplify patient journeys and assign healthcare providers with creative UI/UX design. Enable Healthcare to serve at its fullest, making sure that it intends to accomplish what it was initially formulated for, for the patients that it serves.


Build trust and security with user-friendly interfaces that guide through the complexities of finance. Our interfaces are simplistic yet impactful in nature, guiding you through the tough waters of finance with relative ease.

Real Estate

Showcase properties and simplify the search process with fascinating UI/UX designs. Connect buyers and sellers seamlessly, because the interface experience will be super responsive, and super-easy to navigate.


Craft easy online shopping experiences that convert visitors into buyers with strategic UI/UX design. Make online shopping the experience that your clients so truly deserve, facilitating easy buying and product discovery as well.


Why Choose Green Apex?

Access the insights you need to move products and make decisions.

Work With Us

User-experience First

We keep usability and experience as top priorities for all our designs.

Profound Processes

We specialize in creating user-centric designs that are unique, research-based, and highly functional.

Industry Expertise

We have collaborated across multiple industries and geographies.

Team of 45+ Creative Designers

We have an in-house team of experienced UI UX designers with latest knowledge of design trends.

Trusted Clients Review


Ranjish Pillai

Community Organiser

“I can't thank Green Apex enough for their incredible work on our healthcare management system, Hospice. From the moment we engaged with them, it was clear they were invested in our success. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch software development.”

Manish Amin

Yatra, Co-Founder & CTO

“Our journey with Green Apex has been nothing short of exceptional. They understood what we needed to create something that resonated with our users. After the development of the website, our business has seen profitable results.”

Mr. Unnat

CODE, Founder

“We approach Green Apex to build a community app with our clear vision to connect all entrepreneurs in one place. The app they delivered exceeded our expectations in every way and the feedback from our users has been super positive.”

Mr. Sadiq Khan

Ghedex, COO

“It's not often that you come across a team as dedicated and talented as Green Apex. Their created app has become an essential tool for students and educators alike. They fulfill our requirements, and we are impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and process efficiency.”

Gary Well

"Green Apex team has done a very well job in handling our project. The honesty and technical guidance that you've provided in the past 3 years have been valuable and we're very happy to have your team onboard as our tech partners. "

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We stay in touch with you directly throughout every design project. We use an agile approach to be flexible and adapt quickly to any changes in your needs.

The time the project takes can vary depending on your project's details and different factors like team size and how complex it is.

UX research helps us understand what your target audience wants, as well as what frustrates them.

Absolutely! Our experts have lots of experience redesigning different things like mobile apps and websites for both big companies and startups.

The actual cost depends on your project's various details, like how complex it is. Just get in touch with us most trusted UI/UX design services company, and we'll give you a more precise estimate.

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