Engagement models

Our diverse Engagement Models and Benefits enable enterprises and startups to turn their vision into reality. In other words, the Web and Mobile App Development Services we offer ensure the utmost quality.

Models that suit your requirements best

Engagement Models and Benefits

1. Fixed Price Model

It is apt for small/medium scope projects. To clarify, every requirements must be clearly defined. If you are concerned with only the outcome, it is the best choice for you.

Project Communication Plan

We listen to your requirements. Our web and Mobile App development team will analyse them to decide the scope and price of the project.
The project management team would be in constant touch with you to come up with a Prototype that matches your vision.
Our team of UI developers would take over. After that, they would create an user-friendly interface that meets the users’ needs.
Our backend development team takes charge at this point. They will build the App or Website as per the functionality you desire.
Once the App or Website is ready, our adept team of integration experts will make the most of APIs to integrate it with third party apps only to make it even more feature-rich.
Once the product is ready, our dedicated testing team would have a thorough look into it in order to provide with an error-free final solution.
We stringently follow the DevOps model in order to deliver the product at a faster pace while ensuring reliability and security.

2. Agile / Time and Material model

Want to play a greater role? This model is appropriate out of all the Engagement Models and Benefits. For instance, it offers flexible procedures and agile project execution. Also, development cost entirely depends on how many man hours we dedicate to your project.

Project Communication Plan

We Listen to your requirement to analyse your need. That is of the utmost priority to us. Our Scrum master will lead the team of developers to understand and break the project into sprints.
User Stories are added to the sprint at this stage. The stories will be aligned with the Sprint goal and implemented within the Sprint timeline.
It’s a daily 15-minute meeting to plan the whole day. In other words, the Scrum Master makes a plan aligned with the goal for the next 24 hours.

An informal session for the Product Owner to review the development. After that, the team will discuss the efficiency of the Sprint plan. Eventually, they will take decisions to improve the next Sprint.

The Product Owner will take feedback from the users and App Development Team to make a Backlog List. The aim is to drive the product towards the Product Vision.

3. Dedicated Hiring Model

This is the most transparent model of all. Above all, for long-term and dynamic projects, it is the best choice.

Project Communication Plan

We aim at knowing your expectations. For instance, Technical Expertise, Domain, Number of Resources and Experience Level. Subsequently, you will get the right resources for implementation of your project.
We offer our in-house developers based on your expectations. They realise your vision and implement them with ease.
We will let you screen the potential candidates and choose the one who suits your requirements best.
The contract pertaining to the project must be signed at this stage by both the parties.
With guaranteed seamless communication with you, our resources will drive your vision towards its final solution.

We offer our in-house developers based on your expectations. They realise your vision and implement them with ease.

4. Build Operate Transfer model

It’s advisable for growing companies. This one is operated by a service provider in a different territory. After that, the operation is transferred to you.

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