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We’re diverse humans with a shared love for technology. At Green Apex, we’re not crazy about suits and ties, we’re fans of rolling up our sleeves and ensuring things get done. If you’re looking for a team who feels the spark for their work, it’d be us!

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Nilay Khandhar

CEO & Founder

It has not been simple to establish Green Apex as a prospective software development business, provide clients with high-quality service, and maintain consistency. Yet, with the implementation of transformational leadership and agile methodology, the company established itself as a reliable and productive business. Needless to say, my team members have been the cornerstones of my journey, assisting me with sound decision-making and effective management.

"We combine advanced tech, a purpose-driven approach and sheer love for customer-centricity to build apps that transform industries."

Our Leaders

Yash Shah

Head of Sales

Shrutika Daripadhar

Head of Delivery

Shivam Nair

Project Manager

Kush Shah

Head of Operation

Shikha Shah

Team Lead

Saumil Patel

Head of Technology

Nikhil Jethva

Team Lead

Rushita Adorja

HR Manager


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