10 Reasons To Hire Developers From India


India is swiftly becoming one of the top locations for outsourcing IT personnel. In fact, it's predicted that IT outsourcing will push revenue up to $7.81 billion in 2023. The majority of revenue will, statistically speaking, come from the United States. The great level of skill that Indian developers have in cutting-edge technology is well known. The growing talent pool of engineers, IT specialists, and software developers is known for its proficiency levels, problem-solving ability, analytical skills, and strong English language proficiency.

It's no secret that India's IT sector is expanding, and producing highly skilled developers is given top priority. The vast majority of developers in India are proficient in fundamental and basic technologies like C/C++, PHP, Python, etc., which are among the top 10 programming languages according to the Popularity of Programming Languages Index (PYPL Index). As a result, the world is looking East in order to get the talented professionals that are needed, and India is informally considered as a hub of developers.

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Given the data and statistics, it's essential to investigate what makes Indian developers in demand and the rationale for hiring them.

1. Developers in India costs cheaper

The most crucial factors for any CEO or entrepreneur are the appropriate resources and cost-effective services. When hiring Indian programmers, these issues can be simply taken care of. Indian outsourcing companies or technological enterprises offer skilled developers at fair prices. Indeed, Indian developers make considerably less money than an American developer would for the identical job. Businesses can practically cut their hiring costs in half by engaging Indian developers.

Before outsourcing developers, it is important to consider cost transparency. Indian outsourcing companies give their clients transparency and don't have any hidden fees. This benefit comes with highly trained and talented developers that continuously enhance their skills to stay up with the rapid advancements. Additionally, it does away with the requirement for costly training that is frequently provided to businesses.

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2. Highly efficient and skilled workforce

Indian developers bring something special to the table. They have the knowledge necessary to build innovative products. Indian developers are recognized for being cost-effective, but their other strength is providing high-quality services. The nation has the biggest concentration of ISO-certified businesses, which forces them to concentrate on providing high-quality services on time. Any part of development, including software development, online and mobile app development, etc., has a significant potential for growth when hiring developers from India.

To achieve effectiveness and high quality, Indian developers often follow a five-stage development process.

  • Requirement examination

  • Design and Wireframing

  • Coding and Development

  • Prototyping and Testing

  • Quality Assurance

Therefore, while hiring Indian developers, good quality of deliverables along with innovation are guaranteed.

3. Effortless Communication

India is well known for being the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world, after the US, and is anticipated to grow by a four-fold rate in the ensuing ten years. Since English has long been a required subject in Indian schools and is frequently taught as the first language there, many citizens, particularly developers, are fluent in it. By doing this, the communication barrier between global businesses and Indian developers is removed. A smooth development process, increased productivity, and better transparency are all guaranteed by effective and hassle-free communication.

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4. Global mindset and business culture

Due to varying ideas of business culture and mindset, outsourcing developers from other nations frequently encounters difficulties. Such a difficulty can pose a threat to an efficient, conscientious, and creative working process. Working with Indian coders, however, ensures independence from such concerns. Indian tech companies follow the global business model and western business culture. Essentially, the developers have a certain amount of freedom in their job that allows them to be creative and responsible.

5. Greater pool of engineers

With a large number of graduates in computer science engineering, India has a significant pool of engineers. There is a lot of manpower available to supply the expanding IT businesses with creative and distinctive solutions. Indian developers are skilled in technological knowledge and have experience creating original solutions. One of the technological skills that Indian developers possess is the integration of contemporary applications and services. Indian developers are the ideal choice for the position as businesses search for developers with exceptional skills and experience.

6. Guaranteed Flexibility

To fit developers into the needs and work processes of businesses, flexibility is a crucial prerequisite. Indian programmers are taught to be flexible and accepting of various work cultures and procedures. Compared to their peers in other nations, they are trained to work longer hours. In fact, it is extremely typical for Indian developers to have extra abilities that are related to their technical expertise. Companies can now take advantage of the large talent pool to their benefit. There are a few characteristics that set Indian coders apart:

There are a few characteristics that set Indian coders apart:

  • Greater flexibility in meeting deadlines and following rules and regulations

  • Possessing a client-focused mentality that allows one to comprehend client needs and carry out job accordingly

  • Greater empathy to assist clients in achieving their goals and offer post-maintenance assistance to address issues.

  • Having a strong sense of ownership for initiatives, which leads to increased participation and the greatest results

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7. Widening Talent Gap

The latest US workforce figures show that there is a widening disparity between job openings and developer supply in the IT sector. India's population is viewed as being young and rapidly rising. Every year, India adds over 200000 new graduates in the field of software, and a sizeable portion of these individuals take courses in data security, data computing, cloud computing, etc. As they are skilled in cutting-edge technology, Indian computer engineers are therefore more capable and superior than their colleagues outside. On the other hand, due to a lack of resources, the majority of tech companies in the US prefer to outsource their tech workforce. Furthermore, there is a high need for IT positions as a result of the quick pace at which Indian software companies are operating. Indians are becoming more knowledgeable and adept for effective software development as a result of the increased popularity of learning IT skills among Indians.

8. No requirement for time-zone adjustment

Indian developers typically work around the clock due to the time difference between India and other nations. They are able to provide better service and on-time delivery. Businesses frequently need to finish their projects even earlier than the target deadline, and the IT sector is not immune to this stress. Inability to meet market challenges as a result of delayed product launches. Therefore, completing projects more quickly helps to gain a competitive advantage. The flexibility of Indian developers to work around the clock really increases production, which provides superior quality and a larger chance of success for businesses.

Many IT companies in India provide round-the-clock development services, allowing foreign businesses to acclimatize to time zones and workflow with ongoing support from Indian engineers. In fact, whenever in-house team of developers fail to deliver the scheduled work, Indian developers can step in. This aids in the project's acceleration to a quicker pace. Working with Indian developers eliminates the need to make time zone adjustments, allowing for quicker project completion, proper dedication, and assured high quality service. Companies don't have to spend as much money on rewarding their employees for working more hours.

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9. Skills to cause disruption

Indian programmers are known for having the requisite technical aptitudes, such as problem-solving and analytical ability. They can handle any issue that arises during the developmental process thanks to their ability to solve problems. Additionally, businesses can contact them to fix bugs in their current applications. The firms won't be let down in this regard by Indian developers because they have strong problem-solving abilities and can see problems and try to fix them. Numerous tech leaders of Indian descent, including Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google), Arvind Krishna (CEO, IBM), and Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft), can attest to the skills that Indian coders possess.

The ability to recognize issues and find solutions is crucial for apps to operate properly and for development to be fruitful. Indian programmers are skilled in the knowledge needed to assess client requirements and create applications as needed. As a result, businesses don't have to spend time or money training their in-house development staff. Additionally, engaging engineers for the same reason could be expensive for these businesses. Overall, they are dependable and intelligent workers that combine their special expertise with cutting-edge technology to produce work that will have a lasting effect.

10. Good Learners & Faster Turnaround Time

To ensure greater adaptability to new objectives and goals, it is crucial for businesses to engage developers who are strong learners and can pick up new concepts rapidly. It's interesting to note that the majority of Indian software developers are self-taught, demonstrating their willingness to pick up new knowledge and adjust to emerging technology. Additionally, they collaborate with many teams across the globe, which inspires them to adopt fresh concepts and procedures. As a result, it becomes simpler for foreign businesses to justify any change in objectives and ideology. Indian programmers have the proper mentality to make collaboration simple and efficient.

A fundamental requirement for maintaining market productivity is a quicker response time. Indian developers' quicker learning curves and propensity for quick adaptation ensure quicker production. Indian programmers have specialized knowledge in creating applications that are distinctive and of commendable quality. However, by doing so, they are able to sustain their productivity because partnering with Indian developers ensures on-time delivery. Additionally, firms can avoid testing and screening procedures while dealing with Indian developers because they are more readily available at reasonable prices than their international counterparts. Faster turnaround times are a guarantee for businesses hiring developers from India.

Key Takeaways

India, since last few decades have been a rising market for technology. The quick rate of technological development has led to a significant need for technical talents, notably those related to software development. The youth of the nation are concentrating on obtaining programming knowledge and abilities, which could be advantageous for offshore organizations looking to hire developers from India. A combination of dependable internet and the zeal among young people for programming has led to the emergence of numerous developers in the country, committed to servicing offshore enterprises at affordable rates and easy procedures, with high quality service and on-time delivery.

Final Thoughts

Green Apex is one such firm that offers developers with unmatched proficiency and expertise. Our enthusiastic developers are well-versed in cutting-edge technology, and we adhere to the best service delivery techniques. This makes it possible for us to provide you with the greatest developmental solutions at a reasonable cost. We have experience in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, e-commerce, education technology, social networking, finance, and fitness. As a result, we have knowledge in multiple fields, which inspires us to continually improve. Contact us athello@green-apex.com if you're looking for committed developers for your project or if you have any questions about our services.

By Nilay Khandhar
16 December 2022
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